Gerente de Afiliados Maria revela os segredos do 1win Partners (1)
Gerente de Afiliados Maria revela os segredos do 1win Partners.

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Maria – the Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners. An excellent professional 🙌🏼

We are launching the “Meet 1win Parters” column. In this interview you will find out how Maria got into the 1win team, what she faces at work and what she likes about affiliate marketing.

– Hello Maria! Tell me a little about you. What is your job like and what are your responsibilities?

Hello! I work as an Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners. We have our own product in the area of ​​casinos and betting. My main task is to work out a win-win cooperation strategy with partners.

For this, I look for partners, choose the best conditions for them and help them launch their advertising profitably 🤑

Affiliate Manager Maria reveals the secrets of 1win Partners

– How did you get into affiliate marketing?

I worked with marketing for a long time, I loved this area, but at some point I started to miss expansion. I wanted to work with the whole world, so my dream was to work for an international company.

I was born a long way from Brazil, but I was always attracted by South America, I started studying Portuguese and Spanish and I was waiting for my best opportunity. And suddenly I get an invitation from 1win for the position of affiliate manager.

I confess that I accepted without thinking twice. It was the fastest decision of my life! (Smiling.) – How long have you been working with 1win?

It’s been a year, and this is my dream job: I develop the Brazilian market, travel to the biggest affiliate conferences in the world and help our partners in 4 languages ​​at the same time to earn money and make big profits 💙

– What caught your attention about affiliate marketing? Why did you choose this area exactly?

I realized that affiliate marketing for me is an opportunity to accelerate my career growth while still being able to work at a company with top professionals.

I’m also talking about our webmasters – their success and efficiency amaze me. And I also have the opportunity to get to know new countries and improve my knowledge of foreign languages. Isn’t it a dream job?

– Tell us, how is your day?

In the morning I like to do housework: take care of my pets, I have 2 cats, a fish and an African snail, and plants: I have a jungle at home! (Laughing)

You understand how much I admire the Amazon, right? Before work, I still manage to go to dance classes to get in the mood, and then the hard work begins: traffic analysis and monitoring of all partner indicators, finding and attracting new partners, controlling payments.

By the way, I’m available 24/7, so feel free to write me anytime!

Affiliate Manager Maria reveals the secrets of 1win Partners

– What are the Soft Skills of an Affiliate Manager?

I think I’ll start with the basics: communication skills. The main task of an affiliate manager is to build harmonious communication with partners and colleagues, finding an individual approach to each. Emotional intelligence and the ability to give feedback help a lot.

I’m always interested in the success of my partners, so I dedicate a lot of time to analyzing traffic indicators and I’m always willing to help.

And I want to point out that it’s always important to stay in touch with people, both colleagues and affiliates. Affiliate Manager is like a bridge between an affiliate and a webmaster, and you need to be ready to connect at any time to help resolve any issues.

You need to know how to get involved and be interested in the person in front of you, and it is important to do everything sincerely, build friendly relationships. By the way, some of my affiliates are already my friends. What have? We like to spend time together! (Laughing.)

– Tell us, at which events can webmasters find you?

Our company sponsors all the main events in the sector and of course when it comes to Brazil, you can be sure that if there is a 1win Partners booth at the conference, you will certainly find me there.

For example, this year I was at Gambling Brasil and SiGMA Americas in São Paulo. The most amazing thing is that partners from other cities came to visit me.

We had great meetings and, of course, I met new webmasters with whom we started a profitable win-win partnership. So come to the conference, let’s see each other for sure! (Smiling.)

It won’t be news to anyone, but the most frequently asked question is “How to become a 1win Partners partner”. I’ll say it right away: all you need is to have experience with paid traffic and write to me on Instagram “I want to work with 1win”. Let’s discuss the conditions and “let’s” work! (Smiling.)

But speaking of more constructive questions, people often ask about the best traffic sources, how to scale traffic and which countries besides Brazil can you work with.

You can find answers to these questions on our affiliate program pages on Instagram and Telegram. Sign up! And of course, don’t forget about our articles on iGaming Brazil, they will definitely come in handy. – Could you give some advice for beginners? How to start working with betting?

For that, I even have a guide with the main traffic sources, target audience and creative ideas to get started. Send me a message with the word “betting” in Direct @maria.affilaite and I’ll send you a guide completely free of charge and answer all your additional questions.

One thing I don’t doubt is our offer. We really offer the best conditions in the Affiliate Marketing market for our partners: we make fast payments in $ that you don’t have to wait, we offer a high rate starting from 50% on GGR from the beginning of the partnership, we are interested in success from each partner and provide 24/7 local support, advertising tools, and recommendations for working with traffic.

Our team, the number of partners and the volume of traffic grow every day, and it is obvious that we do not intend to stop! (Laughing) Maybe that’s why we are chosen by such a large number of partners from all over the world. That’s why I’m waiting for you in my Direct!