Pixbet segue no Flamengo, agora como patrocinadora máster do time

Flamengo has a new master sponsor! For two years stamped on the shoulder blade of the Sacred Mantle, Pixbet continues with Rubro-Negro and increases its presence in the club.

By December 2025, the online gaming site will be in the main space on the shirts of the men’s and women’s professional football teams, in addition to the basketball team.

Pixbet has been a great partner since 2022 and now brings an even greater investment to Flamengo. This is a very important contract. It makes our Mantle even more valuable and gives enormous visibility to the partner, not only with brand exposure on the uniforms, but also on our digital channels. We are sure that the Nation, when it thinks about placing its sports bets, will give an even greater preference to Pixbet”, said Gustavo Oliveira, vice-president of Communication and Marketing at Rubro-Negro.

Among other contractual considerations, there are pictures on FlaTV, publications on the club’s social networks, which have more than 57 million followers, according to the latest Digital Ranking of Brazilian Clubs by IBOPE Repucom, in addition to the brand’s exposure on the football travel uniform and in field LEDs.

According to Tadeu Dantas, co-founder of Pixbet, “the partnership with Flamengo is strategic, because we are talking about the biggest fans in the world”. Tadeu highlights that “this is an important asset both for the visibility and for the engagement that a sponsorship of this size guarantees for Pixbet”.

Ernildo Júnior, also co-founder of Pixbet, shows great enthusiasm with the expansion of the relationship with Flamengo. According to Júnior, “Pixbet was already an official partner of Flamengo, but the master quota guarantees an even greater presence in the sports media and, even more so, in the heart of the Red-Negra Nation”.

About Pixbet

Pixbet is the largest sports betting platform in Brazil and is already among the largest in the world. Leveraged by a bold marketing strategy, the brand is present throughout the country, including sponsoring the broadcast of the World Cup on TV Globo, in 2022.

Pixbet always seeks to be associated with the main clubs and sporting and festive events in Brazil, helping to consolidate the company’s brand and image in the segment, which is in full expansion. Pixbet has become one of the biggest companies in the segment by always being at the forefront, with a bold and dynamic stance, but very down to earth.