A tecnologia encontra o conteúdo no maior Sportel Mônaco de todos
A tecnologia encontra o conteúdo no maior Sportel Monaco de todos

With less than a month to go, SPORTEL Monaco (October 23-25), the world’s leading sports media, broadcast and technology event, is in full swing to host a content-packed international conference, presented by a cauldron of the sports industry, decision makers and technological innovators.

During the 3-day event, alongside a thriving marketplace with over 2,000 executive attendees, a series of exciting masterclasses, visionary keynotes, innovative presentations and case studies from successful partners on the latest trends revolutionizing sports media and the industry of broadcast will be announced firmly, under the spotlights in Speakers Corner.

Talks come in the form of SPORTEL favorite, LALIGA President Javier Tebas, who will share the latest on the most important developments in the iconic Spanish league.

Professional Fighters League CEO Peter Murray will be chatting about the PFL’s global growth and how they are creating MMA’s league of champions.

Activities planned for SPORTEL Monaco 2023

A series of eight thought-provoking masterclasses will set the stage for discussions between sports business executives with the aim of providing the SPORTEL community with vital insights into how the future of the industry is shaping up and key details to reflect on when making decisions.

From media rights, content and business technology perspectives, in collaboration with SportBusiness (Callum McCarthy and Imran Yusuf), two panels: “Sport as Entertainment: Creating Content, Building Platforms” will address whether D2C is the way to go for engage fans, monetize black markets and sweat archive assets, featuring Endeavor Streaming (Peter Bellamy), SailGP (Melissa Lawton) and Meg Yodfat (Infront Labs).

Next, a panel focusing on: “India: an important global market for sports media and a driver of technology in our industry”, will feature an authentic discussion, highlighting how the region is now an important global market for sports media and a driver of technology suite will play an even greater role in the industry in the coming years.

Panelists include Formula E (Arti Dabas), ICC (Sunil Manoharan) and Quidich (Gaurev Mehta).

A deeper look at the technology from a business perspective will reveal three Masterclasses in collaboration with the Sports Video Group (Ken Kerschbaumer), including: “Sport Making Sense of AI: Limits & Possibilities”, debating whether AI is friend or foe and whether it can transform how the sports media industry understands audiences and can deliver them the content they want.

Magnifi (Meghna Krishna), Extreme E (Ali Russell), Spiideo (Ian Wray) and Sunset + Vine (Raj Mannick) will participate in the debate.

One topic the industry can’t wait to embrace is the rise of FAST and during “A FAST Track to FAST Channels,” expert panelists including first-time participant Samsung TV Plus (Chris Gregory) along with ATP Media (Alan Bruno) , Telstra Broadcast Services (Anna Lockwood) and SoFast (Sandrine Durand), will provide key considerations, both technical and financial, on how rights owners, broadcasters, platforms and aggregators can find rapid success in the FAST world.

Additionally, SPORTEL Monaco will feature a technology talk: “Making the most of automated productions” with Magnifi (Ashwin Limaye), Kiswe (TK Gore) and Veritone (Gary Warech), highlighting how to make the most of AI tools such as cameras, content publishing systems, commenting systems and more to enhance production and provide great moments for fans.

SPORTEL will host two masterclasses, one continuing the business technology theme with: “Digital Evolutions for Content Delivery and Monetization”, to further explore how OTT, streaming and cloud-based services enable dynamic changes to distribute and manage content, whether live, VOD or social, with Arqiva (Greg Burns), EverPass Media (Alex Kaplan), Stages (Tiago Maranhão) and Capture (Peter Shackleton).

The second panel led by SPORTEL: “A Country Focus: Italia”, highlights Italian sports media on a national and international level, which evokes the passion of fans of all ages and nationalities around the world.

An authentic panel of experts from Deltatre (Andrea Marini), FIBA ​​(Frank Leenders), Lega Serie A (Anna Guarnerio) and special guest, the legendary Italian football player – Fabio Cannavaro, will take participants on this trip through Italy in at national and international level.

Throughout the Sportel Monaco program, 18 presentation sessions delivered by Sportall, LiveU, VIewLift, Pixellot, Spalk, Harmonic, Veritone, Laliga Tech, Studio Automated, Wurl, WSC Sports, Spiideo, Kiswe, Globant, Capture, Sword Venue and Altman Solon, including a number of new participating companies will engage the audience with diverse solution-based topics and shared customer sessions.

Topics will cover the impact of AI on the sports industry, including: content monetization, video innovations for use in live productions to stream more content and reduce costs, driving fan engagement, managing sports assets, AI automations and a lot more.

Significant insights into how the cloud can produce worldwide feeds and multilingual virtual commentary studios, the latest in D2C, media asset management, event planning tools, more information on FAST and the future of sports streaming, plus exclusive global sports research.

A special presentation by SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons and Argentine partner Jorge Strika, CEO of J&S Entertainment Group LLC will introduce attendees to Buenos Aires, Argentina as a new destination for the SPORTEL Rendez-vous on May 14-15 2024.

Important data

+2,000 participants 13% newcomers 24% Rights Holder / Sports Federation / League / Club 20% Broadcast/Network 10% Distributors 12% new technology/hardware/software services 66% Europe, 17% Americas, 9% Asia, 8% others