CPI das apostas esportivas 4 sugestões de PL serão apresentadas por Felipe Carreras
CPI das apostas esportivas 4 sugestões de PL serão apresentadas por Felipe Carreras.

Under the leadership of deputy Julio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and with deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) acting as rapporteur, the sports betting CPI was inaugurated on May 17 in response to investigations conducted by the Public Ministry of Goiás.

These investigations raised serious suspicions of manipulation in the results of four series B games.

The CPI’s work has already identified irregularities in the previous year’s Brazilian Series A Championship, as well as in state competition games in 2023. These actions resulted in various sporting punishments for numerous athletes, including fines, suspensions and bans.

This Wednesday, September 20th, Felipe Carreras will present the final report with 4 proposed bills for the sector, as stated by O Globo. Find out more below!

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The sports betting CPI will present this Wednesday the report by deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB/PE), which will bring four suggestions for bills on the topic.

In order for the document to be read and to begin voting, the commission canceled the testimony of the president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, which was scheduled for this date. The commission’s work ends on the 26th.

The suggested laws are:

  • To determine that, in cases of manipulation of results, sports justice must ensure that the penalties applied are proportional and consistent with the principle of equality;
  • To classify the conduct of a manager, director or coach who fails to report to the competent authority the commission of a crime against the uncertainty of the sporting result that he became aware of in the exercise of his duties or as a result of them;
  • To typify the conduct of carrying out, intermediating or contributing to the carrying out of a fixed-odd bet in an institution to which a grant has not been granted by the competent body;
  • To prohibit the placing of bets on individual actions or conduct in sports matches and the repetition of overpayments relating to prize amounts to bettors who participate in a scheme to manipulate the results of sports matches.

The rapporteur also determined that the report should be forwarded to the CBF “to evaluate recommendations for expanding and strengthening institutional mechanisms for preventing and repressing manipulation of sports competitions”.

And that there be “the improvement of reporting channels and the creation of a unit dedicated to integrity in national competitions; the expansion of institutional mechanisms for monitoring violations of the integrity of competitions”; among other measures that it deems appropriate”.

Felipe Carreras also suggested to the Federal Executive that Brazil join the Macolin Convention. According to the rapporteur, “it is understood that this measure is of fundamental importance for the formulation of a strategy integrated with the best international practices, thus strengthening the regulatory structure necessary for the prevention and repression of manipulations in sports competitions”.

The report also criticized the Sports Court because, according to the rapporteur, the penalties imposed on athletes who had similar conduct were discrepant.

“The lack of uniformity in sanctions can result in a feeling of injustice among those involved, while the public and sponsors may begin to question the seriousness of disciplinary measures in sport. Therefore, it is essential that Sports Justice bodies adopt clear and consistent in the application of penalties, ensuring that similar cases are treated equally and that the integrity of the sport is maintained, promoting a culture of fair play and justice in the sporting scenario”, says an excerpt from the report.