With the remarkable growth of sports betting in Brazil, ‘Partiu Bateu’ was created, a new program that will bring content about football and other sports with a focus on sports betting. With the support of the Betnacional bookmaker, the attraction will be shown on the Band screen (for BA and SE) and also on Youtube, at 10 am, every Saturday.

The focus of the program is to make life easier for people who like to bet on sports, demonstrating the variety of options and opportunities possible in a sporting event. The program will help bettors to follow with the best decisions in the guesses, offering tips, analysis and a lot of educational content about this segment.

The program will be presented by two presenters: Alan Guimarães, a sports reporter with over 10 years of experience and with stints on Band, TVE and radio stations; and Rainan Peralva, sports narrator with stints on SporTV, Aratu, TVE and Band.

“We are going to show how it is possible to be profitable in the long term with this market. Show how to do a good analysis, how to have bankroll management and emotional control. It’s basically having the mentality of a professional gambler”, commented Alan Guimarães.

In addition, the program will welcome professional gamblers – better known as ‘tipsters’ – from across the country. In each edition, a different expert on a sport or market will be invited to deliver specific analyzes and give betting tips. Special guests prominent in the world in the sport will also be present.

“The program was designed to air before the main games of the weekend. The idea is that it serves as a guide and an ideal direction for those who are thinking about betting on the Saturday and Sunday rounds”, said Rainan Peralva.

The attraction will debut tomorrow, October 1st, and will be shown exceptionally at 9 am due to the Band broadcast during Formula 1 training. The program will have a surprise guest with worldwide relevance in the field of football.

‘Partiu Bateu’ will also have specific actions on social networks based on transmission and interaction with the public. Check out the fixed frames of the program:

  • Prophesying – After the thorough analysis, there will be great tips for the day;
  • Combo da forra – The idea here is to bring a high odd. It’s that little feat that every gambler dreams of every weekend because of the possibility of a high return;
  • x1 – Duel between the two presenters, differing on some market in a given game. One bets against the other and, in the following week, we see who analyzed better. With that, we would have a “championship” throughout the year;
  • Bleachers – Moment when the crowd plays together. First there is the interaction and then the doubts about the topic will be taken in the air.

About Betnacional

Betnacional is a bookmaker that offers a variety of options to make your guesses in the most varied modalities. In the ‘Tournaments’ tab it is possible to find the most diverse competitions of football, basketball, tennis and others.

The brand also offers a pre-programmed betting option. There is the possibility to bet 12, 24 or even 48 hours before the game, which makes it easier for users to study for the best choices.