Betting company, EstrelaBet becomes Botafogo's master sponsor
Photo: Vítor Silva/ Botafogo

EstrelaBet, a brand that integrates Grupo Stars and one of the main bookmakers in the country, closed a master sponsorship deal with Botafogo. The new contract was extended until the end of 2022. The official presentation took place completely digitally on social networks and featured a campaign designed to involve the fans.

With the success of the partnership, the brand, which was previously on the sleeves of shirts, now occupies the most valuable space in the uniform. The debut took place in the match against Operário, this Monday, 15th, valid for the Series B of Brasileirão. With the 2-1 victory, Fogão ensured its return to the elite of national football and now focuses on winning the title of the competition.

In addition to stamping its logo on the front of the uniform, EstrelaBet will have other exposure properties at the club, such as content creation, digital platforms, actions with athletes and also at Nilton Santos Stadium. The deal also includes master ownership of the under-20 men’s soccer team’s jersey. The agreement received support from the Monday Marketing Esportivo agency.

“Our strategic decision to value the noblest space in the uniform and, consequently, the Botafogo brand, proved to be the right one. I am very confident and satisfied with the resolution. May it be an even more positive and glorious partnership for everyone”, highlighted the CEO from Botafogo, Jorge Braga.

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The bookmaker and the club have already promoted several successful campaigns

The harmony between the two organizations is enormous, since Botafogo has the ‘Star’ on its shield and the bookmaker in its name. Over the four months of partnership, EstrelaBet and the club promoted several campaigns together, such as Vacine-se, a stimulus for vaccination in Brazil, which established a strong bond between the brand and the fans.

“It is with great happiness that we announced EstrelaBet as a master sponsor. In four months of work, our team has been able to meet a demand of almost two years without a master sponsor for a full season,” said Lenin Franco, Botafogo’s Business Director.

Franco added: “This is a result that is mainly due to the fans’ engagement with the brand. Based on the results achieved in a short time, EstrelaBet decided to expand the partnership. Now we have one more star for our constellation. May this partnership be long-lasting and bear much fruit for both”.

João Gercozzi, CEO of EstrelaBet, highlighted the importance of sponsorship with the club and the great moment that its brand is experiencing. “Botafogo is a traditional club, with a gigantic exhibition. We did a testing period that surpassed all expectations, as we acted differently and connected with the fans through the media and the passion we have in common, football”.

Gercozzi concluded: “We at EstrelaBet are always thinking big and in the long term, which is why we are the sports entertainment website that, upon arriving in Brazil, grew the most in such a short time. Being in the master sponsorship of Botafogo is a great pride and we are extremely pleased to be part of this victorious story. The year 2022 will be a magnificent year for both stars. We are going to revolutionize because together we are stronger”.

About EstrelaBet

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