Curious stories of gambling and betting around the world
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How is the magic of being in entertainment hubs like Las Vegas? Do I really need to travel to be able to play games? Is it possible to be a sports betting strategist? Has anyone ever hit the lottery and didn’t find out? Or did you stop betting on your favorite numbers right when they were drawn?

For those who play or have even stopped to think about it, these can be questions that stick in your head and arouse curiosity. It is difficult to know all the cases, but some have already gone down in history and others yield current news, fueling the imagination around the world.

A consolidated story in the betting market is that of Matthew Benham, passionate about English football who built a reputation as an expert betting expert in analysis and ended up taking over his favorite team, Brentford, placing it among the best in the Premier League. Graduated and experienced in Physics, he changed field, working in the financial sector. Combining a passion for sports, calculations and odds, he went to work in 2001 at a famous bookmaker in the UK.

As for a young English couple, the story was not so happy, but quite remarkable. This year, Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan had been betting the same numbers for weeks on the lottery in Europe. When the sequence was finally drawn, they found that the ticket purchase had not been confirmed due to lack of balance in their bank account.

Curious stories of gambling and betting around the world (2)
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Brazilians have become accustomed to dreaming of the traditional lottery around here and, going further in thought, to traveling in the stories and characters of movies in casinos. But that too can come true. While these physical places are reopening around the world, the search for this entertainment in the virtual environment is growing in Brazil, without losing the adrenaline and the possibility of having stories to tell, even if it is for friends.

So, while the fun is playing online, some other fun facts can serve to entertain you. At the top of the list, when it comes to scenarios that transport you to another dimension with the most varied games and shows in the entertainment world, is Las Vegas, in the United States. And yes, everything works 24 hours! The gaming mecca was actually thought of as an escape from reality and actually developed out of that universe.

There it is possible to witness countless real stories of bettors who would yield (and have already yielded) a movie or book script. Seeing newlyweds, of all ages, in the midst of casinos and nightclubs is also no myth, it’s pure Vegas magic.

If the reference is refinement, glamour, luxury, the traditional Formula 1 races and the surreal aura that even involves the famous character James Bond, the destination is Monaco. Casinos in the Principality have been famous since 1863. The main ones are Casino de Monte-Carlo and Casino Café de Paris. What few people know is that these games are only allowed to foreigners, making the place a center of globalization.

Curious stories of gambling and betting around the world (2)
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On the other hand, there is also a “Monte Carlo” or a “Las Vegas” in the “Orient”. Macau, a former Portuguese colony, has become one of the most popular places in Asia when it comes to casino gaming. In this Asian region, where Portuguese is still spoken a little, you also see people from all over the world.

Here on the South American side, Uruguay is one of the highlights when it comes to leisure and entertainment. The country involves landscapes, casinos, cuisine, wines and experiences in resorts. Most tourist cities bet on these attractions and the government intends to invest even more in the sector, attracting large enterprises. Punta del Este, for the time being, remains the location with the most hotel structure and gaming options.

And did you know that in the interior of Brazil they are designing a hotel that tries to rescue the golden age of casinos? Believe it. This will be in Poço de Caldas, in Minas Gerais. In June of this year, the Casino All Inclusive Resort was pre-launched, a development focused on recreational and entertainment options.