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Bernardo Sette Camara became champion of the KSOP (Kings Series of Poker) South America 2024 main event. He also received a prize pool of R$2 million.

Born in Minas Gerais, the Brazilian poker player described the feeling as “inexplicable” and highlighted the personal and family significance of this achievement.

During the final table, Sette Camara demonstrated skill and determination, overcoming considerable challenges, such as starting with the fifth largest stack and facing aggressive opponents to his left, such as Diogo Pereira, known as “Tim Maia”, and Argentine Julio Belluscio, leader in chips at the time.

The Minas Gerais native attributed his victory to a combination of careful strategy and opportune moments, saying it was a journey of “hand after hand, small pot after small pot”.

As a result, his heads-up strategy was especially aggressive, seeking calculated bluffs and high-value bets.

KSOP South America 2024 details

The KSOP South America 2024 main event attracted an impressive participation of 2,191 players, each contributing a buy-in of R$5,000.

The prize pool totaled R$50 million, with Sette Camara taking home the fourth largest prize pool in the history of live poker in Brazil.

The final table was marked by exciting eliminations, with players like Pedro Maia, Yure Rocha and Rafael Façanha finishing the competition in respectable positions. Finally, Argentine Christian Sare also left his mark, finishing in fourth place.

Afterwards, the three finalists returned to the table for an exciting battle. Fabian Ortiz, who started the day with a short stack, demonstrated resilience before being eliminated in third place.

In the long-awaited heads-up, Sette Camara showed his superiority, taking advantage of the advantage and apparent fatigue of his Argentine opponent, Julio Belluscio.

Still, lasting just over 40 minutes, this final showdown solidified Sette Camara’s impressive victory, cementing his place in Brazilian poker history.

In short, KSOP South America 2024 has come to an end after two weeks of intense competition, marking another exciting chapter on the live poker circuit in Brazil.

KSOP South America 2024 Main Event Prizes:

  • Bernardo Sette Camara (BRA) – R$2 million
  • Julio Belluscio (ARG) – R$ 1.2 million
  • Fabian Ortiz (ARG) – R$725 thousand
  • Christian Sare (ARG) – R$455 thousand
  • Rafael Façanha (BRA) – R$ 330 thousand
  • Yure Rocha (BRA) – R$ 262 thousand
  • Pedro Maia (BRA) – R$ 214 thousand
  • Diogo Pereira (BRA) – R$ 181.2 thousand
  • Damian Plank (ALE) – R$ 155 thousand