The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), in light of the analyzes released by the company Sportradar, issued an official statement.

Football’s highest governing body seeks to clarify some points that confirm the success of the measures adopted, as set out in the recent report, dated February 4th.

Brazilian leadership in number of games and effective control:

Brazil, recognized for hosting numerous football events, naturally hosts a significant number of games.

However, when analyzing exclusively the competitions organized by the CBF, it is observed that the incidence of suspicious games is in line with the global average.

Significant reduction in suspected cases:

The 30% drop in the number of suspicious matches in football championships in Brazil in 2023, compared to the previous year, is notable.

Expansion of monitoring by Sportradar:

The partnership between CBF and Sportradar resulted in a significant increase, almost 400%, in game monitoring in Brazil in 2023.

Monitoring scope:

Sportradar supervised 9 thousand games in 118 national and regional championships, thus highlighting Brazil as one of the countries most monitored by the company.

Reduced proportion of games organized by the CBF under suspicion:

Of the 109 matches with signs of manipulation, only 0.72% correspond to games organized by the CBF, a lower percentage than in other countries.

Brazilian performance in combating manipulation:

The report shows that Brazil achieved the best result in the ranking of suspected cases of manipulation since 2020.

CBF and the fight against result manipulation

In November last year, the CBF established its Integrity Unit, led by the former Attorney General of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Gussem, dedicated to preserving the integrity of competitions.

Furthermore, in 2023, the Brazilian Football Confederation and the Federal Police signed a cooperation agreement, with the support of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, to combat the manipulation of results and events related to football.

Under this agreement, the sports entity shares its database and reports with the Federal Police, strengthening the effectiveness of investigations.

As an additional measure to combat irregularities, the CBF forwarded all cases to the competent bodies and, after judgment, requested FIFA to apply internationally recognized penalties.