Pesquisa da SOFTSWISS aponta principais tendências para 2024

Gamers gravitate towards a deeper sense of purpose and community fostered by in-game competition, social interaction and collaboration – an observation from SOFTSWISS research outlining industry trends for 2024.

Based on internal and external surveys, the report covers a spectrum of existing and emerging trends.

Through comprehensive descriptions and insights from SOFTSWISS experts, this free download aims to help iGaming companies define their strategies for the year ahead.

Outlined below are three examples from the extensive range of iGaming trends, offering an insight into strategic insights for the industry.

Local regulation

The iGaming landscape is evolving with a patchwork of local regulations, reflecting each country’s efforts to adapt structures to their social and economic goals.

These regulations mean more than legal requirements; they represent a nation’s commitment to cultivating the iGaming sector to its benefit.

“Marking a significant milestone for the entire industry, Brazil entered the regulated iGaming sector in 2023. This move not only demonstrated the country’s commitment to self-regulation. But it also aligned with a broader global trend,” says Max Trafimovich, Commercial Director at SOFTSWISS.

“The move signifies a crucial transformation in the industry, indicating a collective movement towards more structured and reliable markets on a global scale,” he added.

When analyzing the data, it is evident that Latin America holds the most promising prospects for iGaming in 2024, followed closely by North America and Europe.

The Asia-Pacific region also offers a substantial opportunity, while Africa and the Middle East, although with a smaller market share, still present notable possibilities.

SOFTSWISS highlights the importance of player well-being

The focus on responsible gaming remains prominent in the iGaming sector. Its growing impact extends to various operational aspects, encompassing player engagement and marketing strategies.

This emphasizes the industry’s dedication to prioritizing player safety and overall well-being, solidifying its reputation for upholding ethical standards and reinforcing customer loyalty.

Among the key factors driving responsible gaming issues, interviewees highlighted regulatory requirements, media attention and public awareness, potential legal consequences and ethical responsibility.

SOFTSWISS research highlights main trends for 2024

Gamification and collective gaming experience

SOFTSWISS experts recognize gamification as a key future focus, responding to the evolving iGaming landscape, where the lines between gaming and betting are increasingly blurred.

This change, therefore, aims to cultivate a gamified experience that aligns with players’ evolving expectations – engagement that goes beyond basic gameplay.

As per research, the iGaming industry is on the verge of a significant transformation. This is because the incorporation of social elements is emerging as the next big trend in player engagement.

Tournaments, challenges and team competitions are in the spotlight. Thus promoting a collective gaming experience that attracts players seeking the camaraderie of offline environments into the online domain.

Valentina Bagniya, Marketing Director at SOFTSWISS, summarizes: “As an innovative technology company and one of the leaders in iGaming, SOFTSWISS recognizes its responsibility as an industry trendsetter.”

“This report is our significant intellectual contribution to the development of our sphere, especially during the crucial period when companies are improving their business strategies to achieve more impressive results in the coming year,” he concluded.


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Furthermore, the team of experts, which has 1,400 employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia and Belarus. Thus, SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licenses and provides complete iGaming software solutions.

Currently, the company has a vast portfolio of products, including the Online Casino Platform, Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, Affilka affiliate platform, Sportsbook Software and Jackpot Aggregator.

In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce an online casino solution optimized for Bitcoin.