Playtech publica 2ª edição do relatório Jogo Responsável
Foto: Sean Do/Unsplash

Playtech, the global leader in sports betting, presents an exclusive e-book focusing on the rise of the betting industry in Latin America. The Responsible Gaming Report is available free of charge at this link.

This publication delves into public concerns and provides expert analysis on responsible gaming practices in the region.

The latest version of this study incorporates essential updates and reveals key findings resulting from a comprehensive survey of 2,500 people across Latin America.

Invaluable perspectives from Argentines, Brazilians, Chileans and Colombians led to an in-depth analysis of the Latin American market, revealing unprecedented insights.

Playtech draws attention to valuable consumer insights that underline their strong desire for a safer gaming environment.

The results demonstrate that the public is looking for better regulatory guidance to ensure responsible and safe online gaming experiences.

This growing demand for stricter regulations reflects the increased awareness and importance placed by players in Latin America regarding player protection, “fair play” and responsible gaming practices.

Playtech is mindful of these concerns and remains dedicated to moving the industry forward by collaborating closely with regulators, industry stakeholders and operators to establish robust frameworks that prioritize player safety and well-being in the online gaming landscape.

Mor Weizer, CEO of Playtech, said, “As the Latin American sports betting market sees remarkable growth, it is crucial that our industry seizes this opportunity, prioritizing player safety and security.

‘By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we can create a secure environment that meets the evolving needs of our customers. At Playtech, we are committed to guiding markets on regulatory issues, pioneering innovative player protection technologies and collaborating with our industry partners.”

“Our tireless efforts are driven by the invaluable insights gained through our comprehensive study, allowing us to continually improve our tools and solutions based on the preferences expressed by the individuals interviewed. Together, we shape the future of sports betting, promoting responsible gaming practices and providing an exceptional experience for players across Latin America.”

Charmaine Hogan, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Playtech said, “Highlighting the importance of transparency in online betting is crucial for the well-being of users and service providers, as it cultivates a feeling of security in the digital environment.

“Government participation plays a vital role in achieving this objective, as the information in our report indicates. Since it was first released in 2021, this report has been updated in response to the increasing potential for market expansion and the growing need to advocate for improved conditions in the sector.

“We are responsible for approaching this opportunity diligently and promoting regulatory measures that ensure a safe and responsible betting experience for everyone.”

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