Symplify and nChain Announce Partnership on Responsible Gaming and Blockchain Technology

Symplify and nChain are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the world of responsible gaming using blockchain technology. The two companies will collaborate to develop cutting-edge solutions that will bring an enhanced layer of efficiency, security and transparency to the industry.

Symplify is a market leader in the iGaming industry and a provider of customer experience, CRM engagement and on-premises personalization solutions. nChain will further Symplify’s product offering as a leading innovator in Web3 technology and enterprise blockchain. Together they will combine their unique strengths and capabilities to deliver innovative products that will transform the way companies operate in the iGaming space.

Both companies are committed to driving social impact through responsible gaming practices and are leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create a safer and more secure environment for online gaming.

“This partnership represents a significant milestone for Symplify and nChain. We believe that the collaboration between our two organizations will accelerate the development of innovative responsible gaming solutions that will drive the adoption of this technology across industries and markets,” said Robert Kimber, CEO of Symplify.

“By combining our expertise in responsible gaming solutions with nChain’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, we can ensure that players can enjoy online gaming with confidence and peace of mind.”

nChain Group CEO Christen Ager-Hansen added: “We are thrilled to partner with Symplify as their experience and success in the gaming industry will complement our blockchain expertise and together we can create a new standard for gaming. Our partnership in responsible gaming is just the beginning of our collaboration. We are already looking at other possibilities that will open up new opportunities for companies to harness the full potential of blockchain technology.”

The partnership will focus on developing solutions that solve some of the biggest challenges facing online gaming, accelerating blockchain adoption. These solutions will include enhanced data privacy, secure digital identity, smart contracts and traceability, which will help prevent fraud and money laundering.

Additionally, smart contracts can be used to enforce responsible gaming practices such as self-exclusion and time limits. This will allow gamers to stay in control of their gaming activities and reduce the risk of developing problem gambling.

The alliance between Symplify and nChain is an important milestone for the gaming industry and will benefit players and operators alike. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative solutions to increase the security of online games.

About Simplify

Symplify is an award-winning SaaS company with over 20 years as a provider of customer experience, CRM engagement and on-premises personalization solutions. With customers on a global scale and across industries including gaming, fintech and retail, Symplify creates truly personalized experiences through a cutting-edge AI-driven CRM ecosystem.

About nChain

nChain is a leading global provider of blockchain technology, IP licensing and consulting services. It serves customers globally to power multiple industries including gaming, supply chain and finance.

The company offers Web3 solutions in the digital payment space, along with professional services that help businesses of all types benefit from blockchain technology. nChain currently has nearly 2,800 patents granted and pending and is the developer behind Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode, Kensei and more.