Caixa Lotteries, in 2023, allocated 39.2% of total revenue, equivalent to R$9.2 billion, to social initiatives. This investment covered crucial areas such as social security, education, security, culture and sport, reflecting a significant commitment to the country’s social development.

Throughout the year, the amount collected by Caixa Lotteries reached an impressive milestone of R$23.4 billion, registering an upward trend in social investments.

According to Portal360, these numbers reinforce the historical importance of these initiatives in supporting social causes vital to the community.

Distribution of resources with the collection of Caixa Lotteries

The distribution of resources showed strategic care, with 43% (R$3.98 billion) directed to the social security sector, followed by 26% (R$2.37 billion) allocated to the security area and a notable investment of R$1.68 billion to promote sport.

However, the scenario is not without challenges. Caixa officials expressed concern about possible changes to lottery operations, including their possible transfer to a subsidiary.

Although President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) has no interest in divesting public assets, there is an apprehension that such changes could pave the way for privatization, especially in governments with a liberal agenda.

It is important to highlight that, in previous administrations, similar attempts to change lotteries were unsuccessful. Juvandia Moreira, president of Contraf (National Confederation of Financial Workers of the CUT), highlighted the crucial role of Caixa Lotteries in society and defended the opening of a dialogue between the bank and the trade union movement to discuss any imminent changes.

Finally, given this scenario, it is essential to guarantee the continuity of social investments by Caixa Lotteries. This ensures the preservation of public interest and transparent dialogue with the stakeholders involved.

Maintaining this commitment is essential to promote a lasting positive impact on Brazilian society.