British Gambling Commission regula Loteria
Imagem: Pexels / Pixabay

The British Gambling Commission is preparing for the next four years with a strategy focused on regulatory improvements and efficiency.

To achieve this, it plans to make “targeted investments” in key areas, with emphasis on the National Lottery. Furthermore, the Commission has identified two areas of focus for the period 2024 to 2027: implementing the White Paper’s measures on gambling and investing in key areas to ensure more efficient regulation.

Focus on the National Lottery

Thus, the first category of investments includes measures that can generate significant changes in the offering of betting games, with regard to:

  • to accessibility checks
  • betting limits in online casinos
  • to the new advertising rules

But although they have announced the betting limit for online slots, they still need to finalize other changes to the White Paper. The issue of accessibility, for example, has been the subject of intense debate.

The Commission said it will continue to collaborate with government and industry to strike an appropriate balance on these issues.

The British Gambling Commission has also expressed its commitment to the National Lottery, which was acquired by Allwyn in February 2024. So the regulatory body intends to work closely with Allwyn to ensure a successful future for the lottery.

Adequate and appropriate governance is the focus, protecting participants’ interests and maximizing returns for social causes.

Results will come in the long term

Therefore, the British Gambling Commission has stated that it will make “targeted investments” in priority areas to ensure more effective and efficient regulation in the future. This will involve improvements to licensing, compliance and regulatory enforcement processes.

The organization’s strategy focuses on five areas of activity:

  • 1st is to use data and analysis to improve regulation.
  • 2nd is to improve essential operational functions.
  • 3rd is to establish clear, evidence-based requirements for licensees.
  • 4th is to proactively address problems as they arise.
  • 5th is to successfully regulate a National Lottery

Therefore, the British Gambling Commission will consider a positive, long-term approach to ensuring that its regulation continues to reflect developments in the betting sector.

Therefore, implementing the measures in the White Paper and strategic investment in priority areas, including the National Lottery, are important steps in this direction. The body is committed to closely monitoring progress to ensure greater transparency in the country’s gaming sector.