Decisão judicial suspende edital Lotérico Instantâneo da Lottopar

Last week, Lottopar (Lottery of the State of Paraná) received Order No. 106/24 from the Office of Counselor Fábio de Souza Camargo, issued by the Court of Auditors of the State of Paraná.

The document determined the immediate suspension of the instant lottery modality notice, forcing the municipality to act immediately.

“The institution respects the determination of the Court of Auditors of the State of Paraná and is already taking the necessary measures to restore the progress of the notice”, says the entity’s official note.

Lottopar at ULIS

According to the official statement, the institution is already in action, adopting the necessary measures to reestablish the flow of the notice.

Recently, Lottopar obtained historic recognition by joining the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS).

It also joined the World Lotteries Association in November 2023 and strengthened its commitment to regulating Paraná, using ULIS integrity services to prevent manipulation in sports competitions.

In other words, this strategic partnership consolidated Lottopar as a promoter of ethical practices in the Brazilian lottery and sports universe.

Lottery expands security measures

In January this year, Lottopar promoted an event launching the Handbook on Responsible and Safe Gaming, aiming to raise awareness among those involved about appropriate practices in sports.

Therefore, to strengthen surveillance against possible manipulations, the municipality makes the Ombudsman Channel available on its website. After all, this resource is essential for receiving complaints and reports of player enticement into illegal activities in the sporting world.