8 bilhões de reais é o prêmio recorde que a loteria Powerball sorteia hoje

The next Powerball lottery draw takes place tonight, October 9, and offers an unbelievable prize of 1.55 billion dollars, equivalent to R$8 billion.

The last Powerball lottery prize went out to California on July 19 with a value of US$1.08 billion.

This is the first time in Powerball history that consecutive jackpot cycles have generated large billion-dollar prizes.

This is an unprecedented time in the global lottery.

It is worth noting that you do not need to be in the United States. Therefore, Brazilians can also compete.

Powerball lottery: history of winners

Powerball set a new record for the world’s largest lottery prize on November 8, 2022, when a $2.04 billion jackpot was won by a single ticket, purchased in Altadena, California.

The winner is yet to present themselves. If they choose to receive the award as a one-time payment, they will receive $997.6 million.

And on January 13, 2016, approximately $1,586,000,000 was split between three bettors from Chino Hills (California), Melbourne Beach (Florida) and Mumford (Tennessee). This amount is equivalent to approximately 30 times the largest prize ever paid by Mega-Sena (R$ 263,295,552.64, on December 31, 2014).

Each winner received an estimated prize of US$528,800,000 before income tax.

How to compete for Powerball prizes?

To participate in the draws, interested parties need to select five tens from 1 to 69, represented by white balls, in addition to another ten from 1 to 26, represented by a red ball.

According to the rules of North American lotteries, bets are not limited to the country and Brazilians can also compete. In this case, players from abroad can take help from online gaming platforms. Always remember to choose reliable sites!

Additionally, winners can choose to receive the prize as an annuity, paid in installments over 29 years, or as a single payment.