IBIA e IXUP firmam parceria de serviços de integridade de apostas esportivas nos EUA

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) announced a new partnership with security and data analytics company IXUP to facilitate collaboration between two market-leading providers protecting the integrity and social responsibility of sports betting ecosystems.

The two parties will explore integrity compliance products and services that seek to improve the protection of the U.S. sports betting landscape, notably by creating better-informed operators, regulators and sports governing bodies.

Through this alliance, IBIA will promote IXUP’s PlayPause® crypto matching network to its U.S. member operators, further establishing PlayPause® as the go-to athlete identification and opt-out program for professional sports leagues.

In turn, IXUP will promote IBIA’s gold standard health monitoring solution through its long-standing relationships with sports betting operators, regulators, and U.S. sports leagues and teams.

“This partnership allows each party to potentially incorporate the relationships, technology and best practices of the other, whether through identifying suspicious betting activity, or encrypted matching and identifying excluded individuals who bet in violation of sports rules,” said the CEO from IBIA, Khalid Ali.

“Both IXUP and IBIA recognize the critical importance behind maintaining integrity in US sports betting and we will continue to investigate new technologies and collaborative solutions to support operators in achieving this,” added Ali.

Partnership details

Through this partnership, the parties may also explore providing complementary services to additional entities in the sports betting ecosystem, such as sports bodies and teams.

As IXUP is charged with providing and operating voluntary opt-out programs on behalf of regulators, this initiative will further IBIA’s goal of monitoring the integrity of betting across the US.

IBIA is licensed throughout the US and provides health monitoring services to member operators representing over 70% of US sports betting.

IXUP operates BetStopTM – the National Self-Exclusion Registry, on behalf of the Federal Government of Australia, which is the centralized national self-exclusion registry and service that protects vulnerable customers whilst ensuring adherence to strict data privacy laws. across all 150 licensed online sports betting operators.

Concurrent with this Australian rollout, IXUP is also in active negotiations to integrate operators, regulators and sports leagues into a US pilot, called PlayPause®, with the aim of aggregating state voluntary exclusion lists and sports involuntary exclusion lists into a single real time.

API, while improving matching accuracy and decreasing false positives, without ever revealing the underlying data to network contributors.

“IBIA and IXUP share a common approach to helping stakeholders make their disparate, competitive and confidential data sets more useful across industry collaborations and improving the health of the sports betting ecosystem,” said Kevin Vonasek of PlayPause ®.

“We are not here to point fingers or spread their names in the press. We do not want to know your data, nor should we ever see your data. We are simply a B2B encrypted fuzzy matching service that helps operators, regulators and leagues better detect, investigate and ultimately prevent betting activities that are in direct conflict with our industry’s rules and codes of conduct.”

About IBIA

IBIA is the leading global voice on integrity for the licensed betting industry. Our members share a common goal of combating corruption in betting to protect the integrity of sport and its business.

Founded in 2005 and formerly known as ESSA, it is a non-profit association whose members include many of the world’s largest regulated betting operators, active across six continents.

Members undergo a rigorous due diligence process and must adhere to our code of conduct, committing them to responsible betting practices.