Foto: Pedro Gontijo/Senado Federal

The Ministry of Treasury, through the Secretariat of Prizes and Bets, recently announced a series of regulations aimed at the payment of fixed-odd sports bets focusing on PIX and electronic media.

These measures, published in the Official Gazette of the Union, aim to bring greater transparency and security to this type of game.

Bet payments restricted to PIX, electronic means and within 120 minutes

One of the main guidelines established by the ordinance is the prohibition of payments made with cash, payment slips, checks or virtual assets (cryptocurrencies).

Amounts must be transferred by electronic means, such as credit cards or PIX. This measure seeks to reduce the possibility of illegal activities, such as money laundering, in addition to ensuring greater traceability of transactions.

In addition to payment restrictions, the ordinance also addresses other fundamental issues, such as the management of bet amounts and the security of betting systems.

The government intends to publish specific standards to guarantee the integrity of these systems, as well as to enable certification laboratories. These rules aim to ensure that players have trust in the platform and feel protected against fraud and manipulation.

Transactional and graphic accounts: transparency and access for bettors

The ordinance creates two distinct accounts: the transactional account, used to manage bettors’ financial resources, and the graphical account, which records each player’s activities.

This division aims to ensure transparency in the management of values ​​and provide bettors with greater control over their bets and prizes. This is because prize payments will be made exclusively via electronic transfers, similar to betting.

Furthermore, bookmakers must set up a minimum financial reserve of R$5 million. According to the Treasury, this must occur in the form of federal public bonds, outside of transactional accounts and also in own accounts to prevent bankruptcy.

Deadlines and awards

The Ministry of Treasury ordinance also establishes that prizes must be paid within 120 minutes, after the end of the event that generated the bets.

At each end of a betting session, the operator will calculate the prizes and the value of their remuneration, in accordance with the law. And, you must guarantee the award, even if there is an insufficient balance in the transactional account.

Furthermore, the new rules allow the balance of these accounts to be invested in federal public bonds.