Vantagens de regularização das casas de apostas
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The Ministry of Finance proposes that online bookmakers in Brazil integrate with the National Strategy to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering. The initiative was announced during the UN Ambition 2030 event, in São Paulo, last Thursday (4/4).

Combating money laundering in betting houses

Fred Justo, general coordinator of Monitoring Money Laundering and Other Offenses at the Ministry of Finance, stated that talks are underway for bookmakers to participate in this program. He highlighted that this coordination network involves the federal government, the Legislature and the judiciary, aiming to combat corruption effectively.

For Justo, the regulation of online betting in Brazil should be a topic of debate between the Three Powers and in different ministries, with emphasis on the Ministry of Justice. Thus, the integration of bookmakers in this program demonstrates the importance of joint actions in combating illegal practices, such as money laundering and corruption.

Advantages of regulation for Brazil

The implementation of specific legislation for bookmakers can bring several advantages to the country. The main ones we have already seen are the fight against money laundering and corruption, but there are others such as:

1. Market Regulation. Adequate legislation allows the regulation and supervision of the betting market, ensuring that companies act in a legal and transparent manner.

2. Consumer Protection. Thus, clear and transparent rules protect consumers, ensuring the fairness of the games and the correct payment of winnings.

3. Tax Collection. In other words, with legalization, the government can collect taxes on betting, increasing public revenue and contributing to the financing of public policies.

4. Job Creation. The legalization of bookmakers can generate direct and indirect jobs, contributing to the local economy.

5. Stimulating Tourism. In some cases, the legalization of betting can attract tourists interested in casino games, boosting the tourism sector.

Therefore, specific legislation for bookmakers can bring significant benefits to the country, as long as it is well drafted and properly monitored.