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The UK Gambling Commission has emphasized its vigilant stance towards potential changes to betting regulations in the country.

The United Kingdom usually makes periodic reviews of its legislation. David Taylor, responsible for evidence assurance and assessment, said the regulator will take a balanced approach to assessing the success of the reforms.

Therefore, according to Taylor, the commission’s role will not end with the implementation of the changes. The goal is to ensure that these changes are effective.

Gambling Commission will evaluate results from recent years

In collaboration with the government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Gambling Commission asked NatCen to assist in developing a framework for evaluating processes and impacts.

In addition, they will make practical recommendations on the data needed to monitor and evaluate reforms. “Evaluating a set of potential measures like this will not be easy, which is why we must take a balanced approach,” Taylor said.

“The results and impacts of some measures will have to be evaluated individually to verify whether they are providing the expected changes for both consumers and the industry.

But we also want to assess the bigger picture to understand the overall effectiveness of the consultation processes and the implementation of measures decided after the consultation,” he added.

He then highlighted the importance of NatCen’s assessment experience to identify the most appropriate approach. Final policy positions and implementation dates will be decided following the consultation process.

In addition, the entity appointed the nine members of its new Industry Forum, which aims to obtain more information and feedback from operators.

Police raid unlicensed gambling venue

In joint action with police, tax authorities and the City of Cardiff Licensing Board, the UK Gambling Commission took part in a raid on an unlicensed gambling venue in the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

Police made two arrests during the operation on February 28 as part of Operation Hen House, a crackdown on fraud.

The operation, which took place at an industrial unit in the Splott region, involved six warrants. Police made the arrests on suspicion of money laundering and crimes related to the Gambling Law.

Thus, the police seized six poker tables, a prize wheel, poker coins and chips, and flat-screen televisions.