Câmara dos Deputados recebe as emendas ao PL das apostas aprovadas no Senado
Foto: Reprodução / Agência Câmara

The sports betting PL has already been received by the Chamber of Deputies with all amendments approved by the Federal Senate this Tuesday, 12th.

The official statement was made by senator Chico Rodrigues, third secretary of the Federal Senate, in the role of First Secretary this Thursday, 14th.

Therefore, the notification was addressed to deputy Luciano Bivar, the First Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies.

The next action should be to appoint a rapporteur.

Furthermore, the Federal Government intends to negotiate with the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, so that the vote on the project takes place urgently. In other words, before the Federal Congress recessed on December 22nd.

This is because tax collection from the betting sector is already part of the budget planned for next year.

Changes to the sports betting PL

Despite the approval of the sports betting PL, representatives of players in the Brazilian market disapproved of the exclusion of online casinos from the project.

Thus, the amendment, authored by senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ), was approved by 37 votes in favor and 27 against.

“They will regulate 30% of the market, which only has sports betting. Today, 70% of operators operate with online games. The vast majority offer both”, analyzed André Gelfi, president of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR).

After approval in the Senate, the National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL) issued a note also questioning the withdrawal of online games.

“By excluding online games from the regulation of sports betting, the possibility of significant tax collection is left out of the law.”

“In addition, the lack of regulations allows illegal websites to continue operating outside the rules established by the Ministry of Finance. It harms supervision and maintains insecurity for bettors, leaving them at the mercy of irresponsible and abusive gambling practices”, says the statement.

Therefore, ANJL hopes that the situation will be reversed by the deputies. “ANJL hopes that the Chamber of Deputies corrects this omission by the Federal Senate, also bringing online games into the realm of legality and good regulation.”

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