Regulamentação das bets deve ser votada no Plenário do Senado na próxima semana
Foto: Pedro França / Agência Senado

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), said this Wednesday, 22, that he finds it “difficult” to vote on the betting regulation, that is, online sports betting, this week.

“We will consult the leaders about their inclusion on the plenary agenda. I will identify the approval of the requests that were voted on in the committees. And then we will include them, with a sense of responsibility and importance of the matter, in the next Senate sessions”, said Pacheco .

“We are going to have a session of the National Congress. This could be scheduled for Tuesday next week, both with one project and another,” he stated. “The next session will be on Tuesday”, added Pacheco.

The project, seen as a priority for the Federal Government, aims to achieve the goal of eliminating the public account deficit in 2024 and was approved by the Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) this Wednesday.

However, the government must wait until next week for the Senate Plenary to analyze this agenda.

The obstacle for the government is that the participation of parliamentarians should be reduced next week, since some senators will be in Dubai for COP28 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change).

Rodrigo Pacheco Betting regulation Senate
Photo: Pedro Gontijo / Agência Brasil

Betting regulation approved by CAE

The CAE concluded the vote on the project that provides for the regulation of bets. The project received a favorable opinion from senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA) and was processed jointly with the Sports Commission (CEsp).

The vote was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 21st, but, after the discussion, there was a request for review, and the vote was postponed until this Wednesday.

The text amends the law that provides for the free distribution of prizes for the purpose of advertising (Law 5,768, of 1971) and the law that deals with the allocation of lottery revenue and the lottery modality of fixed-odd bets (Law 13,756, of 2018).

According to the PL, the fixed-odd betting lottery is a system that includes virtual online gaming events and real sports-themed events.

Bets on the proposal may be placed physically, through the purchase of printed tickets, or virtually through access to electronic channels.

Although the vote was symbolic, senators Eduardo Girão, Rogério Marinho, Carlos Portinho and Damares Alves (Republicans-DF) expressed their votes against.

Vanderlan Cardoso said that, as president, he could not vote, pointing out, however, that he would have voted against the project.

Amendments to the bill

For the rapporteur, the betting market has grown rapidly and, for it to function properly, it needs to be regulated.

“The PL precisely fills this gap in Brazilian legislation and puts the country at the forefront of regulating this new economic activity, with clear rules for the authorization and identification of providers, the volume of bets, supervision and several other relevant aspects, in addition to enable the collection of taxes”, recorded Coronel.

According to the rapporteur, almost 140 amendments were presented.

Among those suggested by Coronel to the text is the one that proposes increasing the authorization period from three to five years. The grant will be granted by the Ministry of Finance.

Regarding the maximum value of consideration by the operator, it is proposed to increase the limit from one to up to three commercial brands to be explored.

Another amendment proposes the use of facial recognition technology to identify the identity of bettors. In addition, personal income tax (IR) on the net premium must be 15%.

Among the amendments accepted is the one that provides for the exploitation of lotteries by the states and the Federal District, an activity authorized by the Federal Supreme Court.