Exclusive In the opinion of the Operators, how the new MP can affect Sports Betting
Exclusive In the opinion of the Operators, how the new MP can affect Sports Betting

The Federal Government signed the new MP for sports betting on the 25th, which generated positive expectations among operators and representatives of the gambling and sports betting industry in Brazil.

Initially, the Ministry of Finance predicted a collection of up to R$ 15 billion with this measure. However, last week, the Minister of Finance reduced this estimate to R$ 2 billion.

This new perspective opens a large window of opportunity for Brazil, allowing essential resources to be obtained to help different areas of society.

The measure establishes rules for the creation of a sustainable environment in the national market, which will further encourage the growth of a sector with great potential in the country.

With the sports betting PM signed, the iGaming Brazil portal sought the opinion of operators to find out how this directly affects them. Check out!

See the opinion of operators with the sports betting MP

For Leandro Narciso, Relationship Manager at Faz o Bet Aí, “the definitive MP for sports betting is a positive change for the sector, and at Faz o Bet Aí we are totally in favor of it and are investing significant resources to adapt to it.”

“With the regulation, there will be a safer and more transparent environment for operators and players. ,” concludes Leandro.

Leandro adds: “We are confident that it will bring significant benefits to all involved, providing a more reliable and ethical gaming environment for our users.”

Thomas Carvalhaes, CEO of Vai de Bob, says that despite being a step forward for Brazil, from the financial and commercial point of view of the Operators, he sees the issue of taxation with concern.

In the video, he also comments that the concern on the part of the market is that this will generate yet another breach, discontent and disinterest on the part of other operators, who may come to understand that the illegal market will be more advantageous.

Watch the comments by Thomas Carvalhaes, from Vai de Bob

Ícaro Quinteiro, COO of Grupo Esportes da Sorte, “the MP is the kickoff of an important milestone for the betting market in Brazil.”

According to him, “it is very important to have an organization as good for our segment as it exists for other strong fronts in Brazil. We need to be seen as important institutions for the economy of our country and that brings entertainment to its customers based on responsible gaming. “

“Regulation allows us room for more orderly growth, given the need for it to carry out better penetration work within advertising, where today in many cases we are unable to perform in the most assertive way because we do not have specific permissions for the segment.”

In addition, Ícaro adds that “the MP allows those who want to do serious work and deliver quality and credibility to their customers (something that is the main pillar of the Esportes da Sorte group), thus keeping away the adventurers and malicious companies that In a way, they use the lack of regulation to carry out some type of undue operation.”

We also spoke with Hugo Baungartner, Latam Manager of Aposta Ganha who said: “Grupo Aposta Ganha celebrates the signing of the MP. It is the first step towards the full regulation of the online market.”

And he adds: “The text is not perfect, but I reiterate that progress is positive. Adaptations and ordinances will take shape. We hope that the industry, in some way, can participate in the debate.”

Also: “Taxes are part of any business and we want to pay, but it has to be good for everyone. I believe that these values ​​will still be reviewed.”

And Hugo concludes: “We are ready for regulation. As soon as we have access to the ordinances, we will begin the necessary adaptations.”

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