Match-Fixing: CPI to start in a week
Match-Fixing: CPI to start in a week

With the growth of sports betting in the country, several cases of manipulation have taken the headlines in recent days. Match-fixing is a big problem in the Brazilian sports scene and the government is focused on looking for alternatives to mitigate this issue.

Because of all this, a CPI will be installed to start dealing with the problem, with a total focus on football and other sports that may face the issue.

The Metrópoles portal published in its ‘Futebol ETC’ column an ​​article that portrays the establishment of the CPI to mitigate the problems related to the manipulation of results.

Match-Fixing CPI to start in a week

As Igor Gadelha’s column reported, here at Metropolises, the Chamber of Deputies decided to install a CPI to investigate the match-fixing of football matches in Brazil on account of sports betting.

The new fact is that this CPI should start next week, no later than 5/16, according to deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), who is the rapporteur, and was based on Operation Maximum Penalty, conducted by the Public Ministry of Goiás.

It was discovered that several games of the Serie A and B of the Brasileirão and State Championships, held last year, were the target of enticing players to purposefully receive yellow and red cards.

The request for the installation of this commission had more than 200 signatures, a number higher than the 171, the minimum for a CPI to be installed. Felipe Carreras is known for his relationship with sport in the Chamber and was president of the Sports Commission in the house, in addition to being the rapporteur of the Pelé Law modernization commission.

As already mentioned in this column, these accusations are destroying football’s credibility. How to watch a match whose result does not depend exclusively on the technical quality and commitment of the players? How do you support a club you don’t trust?

It is difficult to calculate the size of the impact that this loss of credibility will bring to the world of football. The CPI to investigate the manipulation of results of soccer matches in Brazil is, therefore, very welcome.