PayBrokers, the Brazilian leader in secure and innovative payment solutions for the sports betting and iGaming market, is participating in the XVIII Cibelae Congress, held from November 19th to 22nd in Lisbon, Portugal.

This event, focused on the lottery and gaming sector in Ibero-America, brings together experts from around the world to exchange experiences and innovative practices.

Promoting responsible gaming

In line with the conference theme, “Responsible gamblers make good bets”, PayBrokers reinforces its commitment to promoting responsible gambling.

The company not only emphasizes security and transparency in its operations, but also develops solutions to reduce risks such as gaming addiction and money laundering.

Ricardo Feijó, legal director at PayBrokers, presents the “Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming”. This publication is a milestone, reflecting the company’s philosophy of integrating responsible practices in the sector.

“The gaming and betting market must go hand in hand with responsible gaming, as this is the best way to guarantee the longevity of the sector. And as there is little material on the topic, we decided to write about it”, says the director.

According to Feijó, the high-risk gaming and gambling sector faces some challenges in Brazil. “Currently, the lack of clear rules for exploring the game is the main problem that exists.”

“In addition, the sector faces the difficulty of public bodies in presenting regulations that meet the interests of all those involved, in a proportionate and appropriate manner,” he added.

The CEO of PayBrokers, Edson Lenzi, highlights the importance of the company’s participation in the Cibelae congress and in the launch of the book. “We strongly encourage the dissemination of tools that combat pathological gambling, as well as the production of content such as this e-book, which is an unprecedented and highly relevant work”, he declares.

About PayBrokers

PayBrokers offers payment facilitation services between international companies and their Brazilian users.

Focusing on security, transparency and responsible gaming, the company adheres to the rules and regulations established by the Central Bank and Brazilian legislation, in addition to replicating standards recommended by international entities in the sector.

Through differentiated technological solutions, PayBrokers provides a reliable and secure experience for its users.