Exclusive: Edson Lenzi talks about PayBrokers results after investments in football marketing

PayBrokers is participating in this year’s BiS SiGMA Americas. Director Edson Lenzi has witnessed the growth of the event since the first edition, especially now with the merger with the SiGMA group.

In an exclusive interview, he commented on the evolution of the largest sports betting, gaming and eSports conference in South America, the company’s marketing actions and the developments of the CPI on sports betting.

“The year after year growth of the event has been incredible, accompanying the growth of the Brazilian market. The size of the event this year is impressive”, he pointed out.

Lenzi also explained what motivated PayBrokers to invest in football marketing actions. “The marketing investment we made was aimed at increasing return and brand awareness. This converted into more transactions, bringing returns not only for us but also for our partners”.

The executive also said that PayBrokers closed with all the SiGMAS in the world, agreeing to attend 15 events throughout the year. “These are events that generate new contacts and visibility in the market”.

Sports betting CPI

Edson Lenzi also spoke about the CPI of sports betting, which is investigating manipulation attempts in Brazilian football games. “We cannot lose focus on the issue of the CPI, which is fraud in football, which primarily harms operators”.

“They still don’t understand the magnitude, functioning and professionalism that this market has achieved in Brazil. Today we have an industry. This event is proof of that.”

Check out the full interview with Edson Lenzi, from PayBrokers