Gambling Brasil last day will present opportunities for players and bookmakers in Brazil
Photo: website Afiliados Brasil

The Gambling Brasil agenda will end on Saturday, May 27th. The first edition of the event will take place in parallel with Afiliados Brasil, the first meeting focused on Affiliate Marketing to be held in the country and idealized by professionals linked to the segment, Flávio Raimundo and Paulo Faustino.

Gambling Brasil aims to bring together bookmakers, players, brands and other members of the Brazilian sports betting industry, which is living the expectation of finalizing the regulation process.

It should be noted that iGaming Brazil will be participating in both events and will have a stand at Gambling Brasil to interact with the public present.

In addition, journalistic coverage will bring the main information passed on in the debates by experts and personalities, exclusive interviews and the best images of the three days of the meeting.

Gambling Brasil schedule for Saturday, May 27th

9 am

Auditorium 1: 3 funnels that will catapult your business with João Carvalho

Every business should have (at least) a sales funnel because every business wants to turn visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. We’ll talk about the 3 funnels your business must have to catapult your results.

Auditorium 2: Profiting from your Audience: How to Use Digital Influence to Make Money as an Affiliate with Fernando Quintella

One of the possible ways to monetize as an affiliate is to become a digital influencer. The influencer is that person who gains notoriety through the internet, having an engaged base of followers who follow their steps through social networks. The biggest advantage of being a digital influencer affiliate is that you will target campaigns to an audience that trusts what you say.

Thus, it is much easier for someone to be convinced to buy a product or hire a service through your recommendation. In this lecture we will give you tips on how to become a great affiliated influencer and we will show you the best way to combine the affiliation market and Influencer Marketing to profit more and more.

Auditorium 3: Manipulation of Results in Sports Betting with Fellipe Fraga

What is the impact on the sports betting industry of recent match-fixing discoveries and how to protect the industry and the sport.

Auditorium 4: How to turn this event ticket into 1 million reais by the end of the year with Pedro Bertotto

I’m going to show you in practice without ado how you’re going to leave this event making money and by the end of the year reach your 1st million with PFP (Paid For Player).

10 am:

Auditorium 1: The power of the niche in an affiliate program with Luciano Rodrigues, Bruno Félix, Natana Souza Laga and Ana Claudia Gubert

How to work niche markets effectively to ensure the best results in an Affiliate program, both for advertisers and publishers.

Auditorium 2: Upsell Turbo – How to Create a Real Sales Machine with Gabriela Monteiro

In her talk, Gabriela will share strategies she has found in the digital marketing market that have transformed operations into sales machines.

Auditorium 3: The journey of the 7-digit affiliate with Gabi Cervantes

How to build a solid business as an affiliate and earn more than 1 million reais on the internet.

Auditorium 4: Contingency and Scale in WhatsApp Automations with Guilherme Ferrao

The secrets to scale marketing operations on WhatsApp, with hybrid, humanized or 100% automated service!


Auditorium 1: An adjustment that made me earn R$500,000 more in a release! with Ezequiel Mendes Duge

In this lecture I will show an adjustment that can be applied in any business. This adjustment made me earn R$500,000 more in just a single launch and made me replicate this result throughout the year.

Auditorium 2: The impact of Affiliate Marketing on Ecommerce and opportunities to earn money on the internet through a complete product mat with Mari Marçal

The Monetizze team will be on stage to show in practice the benefits of integrating a virtual store with an affiliate network and explore opportunities to sell on the internet with a complete product mat.

Auditorium 3: Alone we go faster. Together we go further with Regina Santana

The importance of team building and entrepreneurial mindset.

Auditorium 4: Digital Influencers and the Power of Affiliates in the Igaming Niche with Thiago Ferreira Paulo

One of the most promising markets of 2023 is experiencing a major change, rapid adaptation is extremely necessary to break out of the norm and obtain significant results. Understand the best way forward and how to deal with market developments in relation to digital influencers and affiliate programs.

2 pm

Auditorium 1: The importance of affiliation systems in the gaming industry and online casinos: how to generate revenue and retain customers with Diogo Machado, Manuel Matos, Sebastian Fernandez and Alessandro Lisboa

Presentation of the theme and importance of affiliation systems in the gaming industry and online casinos Brief explanation of what affiliation systems are and how they work

Auditorium 2: Face initial fears and become an entrepreneur with Karen Bertechini Martins

Face your fears and become an entrepreneur, success will come with time and dedication. Become an affiliate and gain the freedom to work around the world, from anywhere.

Auditorium 3: The power of millionaire knowledge with Paulo Faustino

How to start in the infoproduct market and create a millionaire empire on the internet.

Auditorium 4: It’s not luck, it’s method with Igor Business

Entrepreneurship trajectory how did you know the power of the internet

3 pm

Auditorium 1: ChatGPT – HOW to use the REVOLUTIONARY tool to OPTIMIZE the Processes of an Agency or in Digital Marketing Actions with Fabio Ricotta

Get ready for an electrifying journey into the heart of the digital marketing revolution: the fourth big moment. Let’s unravel the undeniable impact of ChatGPT by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence tool that is redefining the rules of the game. Imagine carrying out your marketing activities with blinding speed, pinpoint precision and unprecedented depth – that’s just the beginning of what AI can offer.

Let’s dive into the practical possibilities, transforming headlines and emails at the touch of a button. And there’s even more! We’ll reveal how our agency is using ChatGPT to create custom chats for each client and all-in-one assistants that can do everything from SEO to paid traffic. If you’re ready to step into the future of digital marketing, you can’t miss this talk!

Auditorium 2: Challenges of the promotional market with Guilherme Leite

Coupons, gifts, progressive discounts, offers and cashback – retailers have always looked for alternatives to overcome challenges and achieve goals, whether boosting sales or gaining new users. However, with the rapid advancement of e-commerce and the wide range of opportunities it offers, a highly competitive scenario has emerged, requiring increasingly effective promotional strategies.

In this context, affiliates have become attentive observers of these changes and are constantly adapting and reinventing themselves to continuously expand their bases. Every day, they face unique challenges and explore new approaches to excel in this open sea of ​​competition. In this talk, I invite you to explore the fascinating universe of retail affiliates and understand the challenges they face. Get ready to discover new perspectives and gain valuable insights!

Auditorium 3: Storyselling – The Art of Millionaire Narratives with Paulo Maccedo

A single sales letter responsible for more than 6 million in revenue, products that exceed 7 figures with a single campaign, ads that break the record for covers. What do these cases have in common? That’s what you’ll discover in this lecture. In it Paulo Maccedo will unreservedly reveal what he has used with results in his business and in the business of his clients.

Auditorium 4: How to make your first 5 thousand reais as an affiliate without spending 1 cent on traffic with Matheus Bicalho

This lecture will be aimed at affiliates who want to achieve expressive results but do not yet obtain resources to scale in traffic or who do not know how to do it. and differentials.

5 pm

Auditorium 1: How to Test Your Ads and Find the Gold Mine with Meison Almeida

Everyone talks about how important it is to test in the sales process as an affiliate or producer. But how and what to test? Find that out in this lecture.

Auditorium 2: How to present an irresistible offer with Ana Cristina Rosa

In this lecture Ana Cristina Rosa will share the key communication strategies to present an irresistible offer and make the audience unable to refuse what you are selling.

Auditorium 3: Advanced Copywriting for Affiliates: How to Multiply Your Sales with Irresistible Offers, Impactful Ads and Killer Pages with Helena de Guide

Learn how to perfect your marketing strategy and leverage your online business with copywriting best practices. Let’s see practical examples of pages, ads and emails for you to sell much more (and you can do it all in ChatGPT).

Auditorium 4: 7 Methods to Conquer Gamblers with Low Investment with Alessandro Valente

Creativity is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a campaign with limited investment, but knowing about real cases of affiliates who obtained return helps to shorten the path and avoid breaking the head. The market evolves and is constantly changing, but yesterday’s tips can serve as an important benchmark for your success tomorrow.

6 pm

Auditorium 1 with Bárbara Bruna

Auditorium 2: What is your purpose and purpose in life? Discover how these people live as they wish today with Vinicius Sobral, Aline Nascimento Silva, Alan Viotto and Ana de Freitas

UOL and PagBank invite you to chat with people who have changed their careers and lives in search of a greater purpose. Understand how they did it in a relaxed and content-filled conversation. Learn everything about how each one achieved their goals with their techniques and methods, so you too can achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Auditorium 3: Primo way of launching with Juvenal Valentim

How to make multimillion-dollar launches with Jeito Primo.

Auditorium 4: Thousands of opportunities in sports betting with Fernando Verchai

From sports writer to investor. From investor to business owner. From business owner to television presenter. I will show here all the opportunities that I saw in sports betting and the many others that are to come, I will explain how I acted in the best way before them and how you and I should take advantage of the great opportunities that are to come in this market that may be the that has grown the most in Brazil in recent years.