Exclusive: Robert Blaszczak cites the importance of SPORTEL for Feedconstruct and expectation for regulation in Brazil

The CEO of Feedconstruct, Robert Blaszczak highlighted the importance of participating in events such as the SPORTEL Rendez-vous Miami this Wednesday, 10th. On the last day of the convention, the executive admitted that the edition in Miami is facilitating business with Latin America and North America.

“FeedConstruct is a sports audience content company. We source and create our own sports content. In addition, we also offer technology and distribute these rights for media and non-media purposes throughout the gaming industry and SPORTEL Miami has become a gateway to conversations with the Latin American and North American market”, he clarified.

Asked about Brazil, Blaszczak mentioned the expectation created due to the provisional measure that should regulate the sports betting sector, but he preached caution. “The provisional measure (sports betting) generated a lot of expectations about what could happen. At the same time, there is some caution to ensure that Brazil becomes a success for a gaming company”, he pondered.

Still on the sports betting industry, Robert Blaszczak stressed that what is interesting is the global normalization in “using betting as a way to involve the public to follow certain sports. And it’s one of the best ways to engage fans right away. Behind this, there are many more commercial opportunities related to this increased interest in specific games”, he concluded.

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