MGM Resorts

In a statement released on Monday (19) to the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper, MGM Resorts clarified that Bruno Mars “has no debt to MGM.”

The company emphasized that the partnership with the singer is long-standing and based on mutual respect, classifying any speculation to the contrary as “completely false.”

MGM denies fake news involving Bruno Mars

So the statement came in response to earlier allegations from an unnamed source, cited by NewsNation, who claimed that Mars owed MGM “millions” in gambling debts.

However, MGM has made it clear that there is no basis for these claims.

While blogger and influencer Scott Roeben noted the importance of the words used by MGM, suggesting that due to a possible $90 million contract. So if Mars lost $50 million gambling, he would technically have no debt.

Therefore, Roeben also highlighted that Mars is considered one of the biggest “whales” in Las Vegas. In other words, US$50 million does not represent a financial problem for the singer.

Therefore, what we can really be sure of is that these contradictory statements highlight the complexity and subjectivity of financial and contractual issues involving public figures and large companies like MGM Resorts.

Anyway, the good news is that there are no records of similar situations involving other millionaire celebrities. Therefore, the luxury hotel MGM Resorts treats this as an isolated case and promptly sought to deny the rumors.

About the luxury development

MGM Mirage, officially MGM Resorts International, is a company from the city of Las Vegas that operates and controls a large part of North American hotels in other regions of the world.

The company officially began operations on May 31, 2000 following the merger of MGM Grand Inc. and Mirage Resorts, Inc.

The group is currently the second largest casino company on the planet. It is estimated that MGM controls about 831 acres of the famous Las Vegas Strip area.