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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks since 2000, announced the sale of the majority of the team’s shares, valued at 3.5 billion euros, to Miriam Adelson, owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corp casino chain.

The transaction comes after Cuban expressed interest in building a casino and resort with space for the team’s athletes.

Adelson, known for her donations to the Republican Party and support for Donald Trump, plans to sell $2 billion in shares to finance the purchase.

Cuban will remain a minority partner, maintaining near-complete control over the operations of the Mavericks’ basketball department.

Strategic transition in basketball

The sale of the Dallas Mavericks represents a significant change in the NBA.

Mark Cuban, who bought the club for 285 million euros, now becomes a minority partner, but with decisive influence on basketball operations.

The partnership with Adelson, in addition to being financial, reflects an expansion and innovation strategy for the club.

Miriam Adelson‘s entry into the basketball scene is not only a business move, but also a point of intersection between sports and politics.

His family brings a new dynamic to the NBA, especially considering their support of relevant political figures in the United States.

Dallas Mavericks: future and new possibilities

With the sale, the Mavericks enter a new era. Cuban’s vision for a casino and resort dedicated to athletes could become a reality under Adelson’s management.

This transaction opens doors to new business and partnership opportunities, potentially transforming the fan and player experience.

The sale of the Dallas Mavericks by Mark Cuban to Miriam Adelson is a milestone in the NBA, mixing sports, business and politics.

While Cuban maintains a crucial role in the basketball department, Adelson brings a new perspective and resources to the team.