Most of Macau’s casinos are back up and running after a wide opening on July 23, 2022. Gambling and betting venues in the region are now open with limited operations as Macau continues to comply with Covid-19 measures.

The reopening conditions include some security measures such as:

  • Only 50% of casino personnel are allowed to return to the workplace;
  • All returning workers are subject to strict disinfection measures;
  • More than one person per two square meters is not allowed;
  • Social distancing rules apply to both casino staff and customers.

Despite this attempt at reopening, commercial operations continue to decline due to strict travel restrictions, which continue to impact tourism volumes.

Citizens traveling from Zhuhai to Macau must test negative for Covid-19 at most 48 hours in advance before entering the region.

To return to Zhuhai, not only is another test result required 24 hours before departure, but seven days of quarantine are also required at a facility designated by the Government of Zhuhai.

A total of 35 casinos in Macau have reopened since July 23, with only two remaining closed. These are the Regency Art Hotel and Broadway Macau – both will continue to be used for quarantine purposes. The Regency Art Hotel is operated by SJM Holdings, while Broadway Macau is part of the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Reopened casinos must continue operating at 50% until Macau’s “consolidation” phase expires. According to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Board, this period should last until July 29, 2022.

After this period, Macau’s casinos are expected to return to pre-lockdown operating levels – with travel restrictions still in place.

It remains to be seen whether the 29th of July really marks the end of Macau’s “consolidation” phase. Much will, of course, depend on the evolving nature of the current Covid outbreak in the region.