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The g3xFC team, chaired by the well-known streamer and businessman Alexandre Borba, better known as Gaules, has just announced a new major sponsor: Pokerstars.

The brand will be the team’s main sponsor throughout the Kings World Cup 2024.

g3xFC will make its official debut this Saturday (26th), at 5pm, against Ukranie Steel. The game will be broadcast live on the official Kings League channels.

Pokerstars will promote free tournaments

In addition to supporting the team, PokerStars will also promote free online poker tournaments for fans on the same days that g3xFC plays, with cash prizes.

Gaules expressed his excitement about the new sponsors. “We now have two very strong sponsors and are ready to begin the Kings League World Cup challenge.

So, being surrounded by big names helps to further measure the size of this project for our entire community. We want to have a great championship and we are looking forward to this moment”, he added.

André Akkari, Pokerstars ambassador, also spoke. “I think it’s fantastic that Pokerstars supports the scenario of a new vision of football, more connected to the digital universe, exactly where Pokerstars has its competitive poker platform.

Therefore, we believe that g3xFC will have a fantastic performance in Mexico and this will bring excellent results for this new partnership”, he added.

g3xFC squad

g3xFC also recently announced their full squad for the competition. Thus, among the highlights are:

  • Bruno Agnello
  • Andreas Reis
  • Kelvin Oliveira (best Fut7 player in 2021)
  • Cockroach (goalkeeper)
  • Kawa (goalkeeper)
  • Maicon (defender)
  • Lucato (defender)
  • Japa (midfielder)
  • Well (midfielder)
  • VB (midfielder)
  • Pepinho (midfielder)
  • Luizão (striker)
  • Thor (attacker)

In this way, the partnership with Pokerstars is strategic for g3xFC. The brand, known worldwide for its online poker platform, sees it as an opportunity to expand its influence.

About the Kings World Cup

The Kings World Cup is a global Football 7 tournament created from the Kings League, a media success in Spain founded by former player Gerard Piqué. The competition will bring together 32 teams.