“Paris is right there”, we heard this phrase when the Tokyo Olympics ended in 2021, expectations were created, new sports modalities captured our hearts, and now we are about to see an incredible spectacle again. iGaming and the Olympics complement each other, bettors will be connected to sports and we, at 1win Partners.

We already told you how to use volleyball to generate traffic during the Olympics, now we will tell you how to use all sports during the Olympics to generate traffic. With strategies, promotions and the best that 1win Partners offers.

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Olympic Games

A highly prestigious global sporting event, which takes place every four years and brings together athletes from all over the world. Every contest, every test, every competition at the Olympic Games is an exciting demonstration of talent, determination and skill.

In addition to sporting competitions, the Olympic Games are also an opportunity for host countries to show the world their culture, history and hospitality.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, full of traditions and symbols, are moments of celebration and pride for all participants and spectators.

This year the games will take place in Paris, the city of Light, and countless expectations have been created. Brazil has the opportunity to break the record in the medals table by bringing home many golds.

Everyone will be watching their favorite players and sports, and there will be a lot of content about the Olympics on social media, but by following the right strategies, you can stand out, generating quality traffic and attracting a large audience.

  1. Start talking about the Olympic Games now, produce related posts, talking about the excitement for the start of the games, your favorite athletes in individual and team sports.
  2. Use groups to your advantage, create promotions among your followers, interact with them, asking them to give their opinion on an individual sport, whichever is closest to your target audience.
  3. Bet on partnerships with digital influencers who have an affinity with sports to attract a different audience to your page.
  4. Invest in ads, both Facebook and Google, and target sports-related audiences. (If you have questions about how to use Google and Facebook ads, read our articles)

Individual games

Individual games are an excellent way to increase the flow of bets, as it is possible to bet on different sports, such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, among many others.

For those who work with REV, it is an excellent opportunity to increase profits, engaging your already conquered audience to bet and attract new players.

For CPA lovers, the different modalities offer the opportunity to attract a different audience, as not only classic games such as Football and Volleyball, but also new modalities such as breakdance and extreme slalom canoeing, engaging an audience passionate about dance and water sports.

Collective games

Competition and strategy are the common factors between team sports and iGaming. Sports of this modality are played in the last days of the Olympics, ending the games with a flourish. Brazil’s Olympic tradition is volleyball, the Olympic sport with the most medals, and has a good campaign in football, basketball, handball, in women’s and men’s sports.

Watching a volleyball match during the Olympics means waiting for your heart to beat, hands to sweat and matches at a very high level, with incredible athletes. It’s impossible to lose a single match“, @regis.

Athletes enter the court in harmony, ready to achieve a common goal, raising their adrenaline. In collective games, you can attract your audience to bet on the result of the match, points, athlete, and many other options.

Betting on the Olympic Games to generate traffic is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the months of June to August, while the games are taking place.

Haven’t started yet? Talk to your 1win Partners affiliate manager, outline strategies and objectives for an excellent campaign during this period. Remembering that the games will take place until August 11th.

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