GT debate a reforma tributária
Imagem: Câmara dos Deputados (Agência Brasil / Antônio Cruz)

The working group (GT) that analyzes the tax reform proposal (PLP 68/24) is holding two public hearings this Tuesday (11).

The objective is to discuss specific taxation regimes created by the reform, approved by the Chamber of Deputies last year.

Agenda for debates on tax reform

In the morning, deputies will debate with experts about the specific taxation of financial services, health plans and prediction competitions, such as lotteries.

In the afternoon, the working group will discuss the specific regimes created for fuels, cooperative societies and international treaties. Then, plenary 2 will host both hearings.

Thus, last month, the GT began analyzing PLP 68/23 and plans to complete the work in 60 days. The deputies making up the group are:

  • Claudio Cajado (PP-BA)
  • Reginaldo Lopes (PT-MG)
  • Hildo Rocha (MDB-MA)
  • Joaquim Passarinho (PL-PA)
  • Augusto Coutinho (Republicanos-PE)
  • Moses Rodrigues (União-CE)
  • Luiz Gastão (PSD-CE)

Therefore, it is to be expected that the new tax legislation could have a significant impact on sports betting in Brazil. This new tax reform expects a tax of 30% on the prize received by the bettor, respecting the exemption of R$2.1121.

In other words, areas such as public security, basic education, sports clubs and social actions will receive revenue from fees and taxes.

Thus, in addition to the state increasing its revenue, the tax reform aims to combat illegal gambling and money laundering, ensuring a safe environment for betting. Discover the government project that regulates tax reform HERE.