BetVip será o novo patrocinador máster do Sport Recife
Foto: San Junior/ @SportRecife

After communicating the termination with the previous master sponsor, Sport acted quickly to fill the space on its shirt. During a carnival preview in Olinda last Sunday, Wesley Safadão revealed BetVip, from the Pixbet Group, as the new sponsor of the Pernambuco club.

Safadão, wearing the red-black shirt with the new brand, celebrated the partnership together with the fans.

According to Raphael Quirino, representative of BetVip’s marketing department, the contract signed is for three years.

We are still going to make it official, but the contract is for three years. The details will be released throughout this week,” declared Quirino.

Sport confirmed the partnership on social media, sharing a video of the announcement made by Wesley Safadão.

End of link with BetNacional and possible developments

On the same Sunday, Sport ended its relationship with Betnacional, another bookmaker. There is speculation that the termination of the relationship could result in legal consequences, although the club has not yet officially commented on the matter.

BetVip now assumes the role of master sponsor, promising stability and visibility for Sport over the next three years.

The quick replacement highlights the club’s agility in securing strategic partnerships, while fans await further details on the terms of the new contract.

The announcement of the new master sponsor, BetVip, led by Wesley Safadão during the carnival preview, represents a significant chapter in Sport’s trajectory.

Sport Recife 2024 season

This year, the club will again compete in Série B of the Brasileirão, the Copa do Brasil, the Copa do Nordeste and currently the Campeonato Pernambucano.

In 2023, the club fought for access until the last round, but ended up with 63 points – one less than Criciúma and Atlético-GO who return to the national football elite.

Sport’s expectation now is to be among the first placed in Series B from the first rounds.