Santos, optimistic about the biggest master sponsorship in its history, is in negotiations with some bookmakers to guarantee a relevant agreement in the coming days.

Faced with a proposal higher than the R$ 22.5 million per year offered by Blaze, Santos stimulates competition, seeking the best possible agreement to replace the current master sponsor.

Peixe is happy with the high proposal, even facing Series B. The club’s board understands that the competition will be a great showcase, consolidating the club for the next season.

What happened?

Last Saturday (13), Santos received an offer that exceeded R$22.5 million per year from Blaze, the current master sponsor.

So, the proposal comes from a betting company, and other bookmakers are also interested, preparing offers for the club.

The club intends to stimulate competition, offering Blaze the opportunity to cover the values ​​proposed by the new company. Santos hopes to reach an agreement in the coming days, maintaining optimism despite the need to play in the second division.

To replace Blaze, Santos would have to negotiate the termination of the contract, which ends at the beginning of 2025. The Santos board is determined to explore all possibilities to guarantee the best sponsorship possible.

Negotiations and challenges between Santos and Blaze

The Santos board will contact Blaze, the current holder of the sponsorship space, to assess whether the company is willing to cover the proposal offered by the competitor. If Blaze does not accept, the termination fine will be triggered, allowing the new sponsor to take over the space.

Blaze became Santos’ main sponsor in April last year, in a two-year agreement worth R$45 million. The contract involved an advance payment of R$25 million in cash, followed by 23 monthly installments of R$869 thousand.

In August 2023, during testimony at the CPI das Pirâmides Financeiras, then-president Andres Rueda revealed details of the contract.

Rueda confirmed that NN Consultoria, a company owned by the player Neymar’s father, intermediated the deal and received 10% (R$4.5 million) of the value in commission.

During a recent press conference, current president Marcelo Teixeira set a goal for the marketing sector to maintain, at a minimum, the amounts raised from sponsorship last season.

After all, this strategy aims to ensure the club’s financial stability in the sporting scene in a season with only two competitions: the Campeonato Paulista and Série B.