In a recent case study, Slotegrator explained how it cooperates with Alanbase to manage affiliate partnerships.

Filling an online casino with players is not an easy task. It requires a reliable source of traffic that not only drives visitors to your platform but also converts them into long-term, loyal players.

Affiliate marketing is a commonly used and highly effective performance-based marketing strategy in the iGaming industry.

Affiliates, such as bloggers, streamers, and other content creators, are responsible for driving traffic to casino platforms and receive compensation for visitors who convert to players.

However, effectively managing these affiliate partnerships is crucial to ensuring business success. This is where Alanbase’s expertise comes into play.

Details of the partnership between Slotegrator and Alanbase

The partnership between Slotegrator and Alanbase began in 2022 through Partnergrator – an affiliate service integrated directly into an online casino or sports betting platform backend.

It provides access to multiple affiliate networks and all the necessary analytical tools for more efficient affiliate program management.

With Partnergrator, you can develop affiliate campaigns, create payment plans, choose an affiliate system, create banners and customize the interface – all from the backend of your online gaming platform.

Alanbase provides software for creating affiliate programs and tracking affiliate traffic. The solution’s specialized modules cater to any vertical, with pre-built presets for some of them, including betting and gambling.

Alanbase comments on this partnership: “Traffic has become more expensive every year. This is due to the growing number of competitors: new online projects, the transition from traditional offline businesses to online ones, and so on.

We see the same trend in the iGaming industry, but perhaps it is particularly important in this field because games in general work due to a large number of new users.

Therefore, cheap affiliate traffic (because payment is based on high-quality traffic according to specified qualifications) is a great option for casinos, gamblers, developers and other advertisers.”

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing through two vectors:

1. Management

Affiliate programs can be the difference between a hugely successful project and one that fails within a few months – which is why they need to be managed properly. Thus, success depends on how well you manage your promotions, statistics and payments.

Alanbase offers easy-to-use programs with simple and clear statistics and analytics on events and traffic, the ability to set goals and track achievements, and creation of promotional codes.

The special software for affiliate programs is divided into three modules:

  1. Managing participants (in Alanbase these are administrators, advertisers, partners, partner managers).
  2. Statistics.
  3. Payment management.

2. Software data analysis

Since operators’ payments to affiliates are based on the amount of traffic they deliver, you need to evaluate that traffic to know how much and how much you are paying for.

It’s also important to track statistics from your partner programs to track results and be able to adjust campaigns based on their performance or according to your new goals.

Alanbase offers a wide range of data that is updated in real time. Its statistics module is divided into several sections:

  • A shared page with all the data.
  • Conversions.
  • Events.
  • Cut analysis.
  • Windows.

“Partnergrator is a next-generation solution for iGaming operators, providing them with the tools they need to maximize the impact of their affiliate marketing efforts,” says Khoren Ispiryan, Sales Manager at Slotegrator.

With Alanbase’s expertise and through our partnership on powerful technology solutions, operators will have a great combination – to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth in their online casino businesses.”

For a more detailed description of the case study, visit Slotegrator Academy.

About Slotegrator

Slotegrator has been one of the iGaming industry’s leading software and business solutions providers since 2012.

The company’s main focus is software development and support for online casino platforms, as well as the integration of gaming content and payment systems.

Therefore, the company works with licensed game developers and offers a vast portfolio of casino content: slots, live casino games, poker, virtual sports, table games, lotteries, casual games and betting data feeds.

Finally, Slotegrator also provides consultancy services in acquiring gaming licenses and company formation.