1win Partners eCommerrce VS iGaming. Como passar da eCommerrce para o jogo

The first thing that any affiliate who has never worked with gambling will say when reading the title is: “why should I switch to iGaming?” And this is a question that makes perfect sense. After all, many people think that investing in gambling is more difficult and expensive, and that the difference in profit is not worth the effort. Is it really like that? Let’s figure it out together with 1win Partners!

iGaming VS eCommerce

Let’s make a comparison based on parameters that are most important for a webmaster when choosing a niche.

Market volumes

The first thing you should pay attention to, just like when choosing any niche, is the opportunity to make money in it. And here eCommerce completely loses out to gambling. To be convinced of this, just attend a few conferences and the difference in budgets becomes immediately noticeable.

1win Partners eCommerrce VS iGaming. How to move from eCommerce to gaming

Not everyone is impressed by conference booths, and we don’t want to leave you without statistics. According to Datahub, in Brazil alone the betting market grew 135% between 2022 and 2023. The total volume of the iGaming market in Brazil, according to data from 2022, was more than US$2.1 billion.

The volume of the global gaming market in 2020 was more than 65 billion dollars (!) and it is predicted to grow to 128 billion by 2028. So, the average market growth rate remains at 11.34% per year. For eCommerce, the indicators are much more modest.


The three main letters in the world of affiliate marketing are ROI. If we take into account exclusively white eCommerce, without gray approaches in advertising (doctors and before/after photographs), then the return rate will remain around 10-20%. Using prohibited approaches, you can increase your return by up to 30-40%, and that’s if everything goes well. In gambling, ROI starts from 50%.

It is important to understand that there will be cases with a return greater than 100% in both product offers and gambling (obviously, in iGaming these cases are much more common). But it makes no sense to look at the most successful cases, on the contrary, in this case the average value will show much more. It is much easier and more profitable to work where the average ROI is higher.

1win Partners eCommerrce VS iGaming. How to move from eCommerce to gaming

Technical aspects

If you consider that eCommerce is a white niche, then on the technical side everything should be much simpler, but here there is also a catch. Using simpler language, eCommerce is the sale of cheap, low-quality products for a high price. Such advertising is strictly prohibited on all major social networks, which are the main source of traffic for work.

Therefore, if you work with eCommerce, you will have to cloak anyway. The nuances of this process, which many arbitrators do not like, are so many that it is possible to write an article just about it.

Leave comments on our Telegram if you are waiting for our article on cloaking. Ah, we highlight that in gambling they also use cloaking, but while in eCommerce they do it out of desperation, in iGaming everything is much calmer.

One of the big advantages of iGaming is the ability to drive traffic directly to apps published on the AppStore and Google Play. An officially published app has more trust: both from Facebook moderation and from the end user. Consequently, accounts will be banned much less.

The number of traffic sources and their diversity in gambling are greater. Traffic for eCommerce cannot be driven from streams, UAC, ASO, etc. And as you know, the more traffic sources, the more approaches you can test and the greater your chances of making a profit.

Minimum limit to enter iGaming

Yes, the entry limit in the gambling area is slightly higher than that for product offerings (talking about buying traffic). But as the return and final profit are also much greater, this nuance disappears after the first successful Advertising Campaigns.

1win Partners eCommerrce VS iGaming. How to move from eCommerce to gaming

Speaking of specific numbers, the minimum threshold to enter gambling is around US$2,000 working through social networks. Working with UAC-type traffic sources will cost much more and can exceed US$5,000 at the beginning.

But the entry limit can be reduced if you learn to work with free traffic under certain conditions. Yes, this has its peculiarities and nuances (how to work with free traffic under certain conditions using the example of TikTok you can read here), but any traffic source has this.

And this approach allows us to state that the high entry limit in iGaming is a myth. Often a webmaster, having invested $500 in SEO, receives thousands of dollars in profit due to the attracted organic traffic.

1win Partners Conclusion

Gambling is not a niche that only true affiliate marketing gurus can work with. It suits both proven marketers and beginners.

If you’ve always wanted to work in iGaming, but something was stopping you, do it now! Almost everyone who tried to work with gambling (at least partially) ended up migrating and stayed 100% in iGaming.

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