Foto: Marcelo Camargo/ Agência Brasil

Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued notices to technology giants Meta, TikTok and Google, alleging violations of sports betting advertising rules in the country.

This action comes after four meetings in which Brazilian authorities pressured these big techs to adapt to established regulations.

In the notifications, the Ministry of Finance highlighted that only a small portion of the sector’s communication, advertising and marketing actions comply with current regulations.

Most of the media broadcast does not present age restriction notices and warning clauses, violating regulations.

In short, digital sports betting advertising is being served without “18+” labels, similar to those used in beverage advertisements, and without warnings such as “prohibited for under 18s.

The government held meetings with the platforms involved, seeking to raise awareness of the standard, advising them to adopt appropriate measures and adapt to the legislation.

This information was obtained by Jornal Núcleo through the Access to Information Law and replicated by Olhar Digital.

To date, none of the big techs mentioned have issued an official position on the matter.

Government rules for sports betting advertising on TikTok, Meta and other platforms

The federal government has established ordinances that regulate the accreditation of websites interested in exploring sports betting in Brazil.

Furthermore, these regulations define “responsible gaming” guidelines with the aim of preventing addictions and inducing vulnerable people into debt.

These guidelines include prohibiting betting advertising in schools and universities. As well as the requirement for warnings or prohibition seals for children and adolescents in all advertising pieces.

The list also includes misleading marketing about possible winnings, suggestions that gambling contributes to personal and financial success, and promotion by celebrities and influencers are strictly prohibited.

Additionally, the regulations do not allow the suggestion that betting is a source of income, investment or a way to compensate for financial losses and unemployment. Other prohibitions include sexual appeal and associations with virtues such as courage and maturity.


These measures aim to ensure ethical and responsible advertising in the sports betting sector in Brazil.

While the government, through the Ministry of Finance, continues to closely monitor the practices of big techs to ensure compliance with established regulations.