Sierra Leone Federation investigates alleged match-fixing in second division matches
Federation classified results as 'impractical'. Photo: reproduction

The Sierra Leone Football Federation said it had launched investigations into two matches with suspicious scores in the second division of the local league.

Recently, two games with extremely elastic scores generated international repercussion: 95-0 for Kahula Rangers over Lumbenbu United and 91-1 for Gulf FC over Koquima Lebanon.

In just two football matches, 187 goals were scored and are being investigated due to suspected match-fixing. The sports entity is investigating the involvement from authorities to athletes who were on the field.

In a note, the entity classified results as ‘impractical’

The Federation of Sierra Leone issued an official statement and promised to investigate all possibilities and that those involved will face “the full force of the law” due to the “impractical results”.

“In compliance with FIFA and CAF (Confederation of African Football) regulations against manipulation or any type of irregularity, the Football Federation of Sierra Leone maintains a zero-tolerance policy.”

“The general public is therefore assured that the matter will be fully investigated and anyone found guilty will face the full force of the law.”

The two winning clubs were fighting for access to the first division and would have taken advantage of some situations, such as unlikely expulsions and even the fact that the same athlete scored 30 goals.

Biggest win in football history

According to the GE, only one victory superior to the results recorded in Sierra Leone has happened in the history of world football. 20 years ago, in Madagascar, AS Adema crushed Olympique l’Emyrne by an impressive 149-0.

This score was obtained from an order from the coach of the defeated team due to his indignation with the referee. Therefore, the coach demanded that his players score own goals as a form of protest – until the referee ended the confrontation.