Ceará Football Federation has a partner company to identify possible match-fixing
Photo: FCF / Divulgação

The Ceará Football Federation (FCF) has a partner company that monitors possible irregularities in matches sanctioned by the institution. Remembering that the State Public Ministry and the TJDF-CE are promoting investigations regarding suspected match-fixing in local games.

The information was passed on by the president of the FCF, Mauro Carmélio, in an interview with radio O Povo / CBN, last Tuesday, 25th. The sports entity has this support since last year and when possible irregularities are verified, the data is sent for sports justice and the Public Ministry.

“This concern of ours has been since mid-March 2021 […] Reinaldo (president of the Paulista Federation) and he gave me the name of a company that could supervise these second and third division games at that time. the same company that provides services to the Carioca, Rio Grande do Sul and Goiânia federations”, said Carmélio.

He continued: “And within that study, we observed a lot. There are reports that were presented both to the TJDF and to the Public Ministry, which immediately, at that time, forwarded them to the prosecutors of the denounced municipalities, in the case of Caucaia, Barbalha and Crato”.

Partner of the Ceará Football Federation is monitoring the State 2022

The partner group of the Ceará Football Federation continues to follow this year’s State matches. According to the president of the FCF, if any indication of manipulation is noticed, the material obtained is forwarded to the responsible authorities.

“Now this story about recordings has come up again […], we can more or less know who is in charge of this situation, again we go to Edvando (owner of Nudtor, MPCE arm), who immediately called the promoters of these municipalities what I said and that was it, but not satisfied, I communicated it again to the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation Ethics Commission), the Federal Police and the TJDF”, concluded Carmélio.