TJD-RJ summons members of Macaé and president of Madureira in case of suspected results manipulation
Photo: Official Twitter Macaé

Last Monday, 31, the Court of Sports Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJD-RJ) summoned athletes, the former coach, the manager of the football department and the president of Macaé to give explanations in the investigation of the case of suspected a betting scheme in the game against Madureira, on April 17, in Campeonato Carioca.

At the beginning of the aforementioned game, the athletes from Macaé held a protest before the ball rolled due to the delay in payment of salaries. Therefore, the players sat on the lawn for a few seconds. The board even expressed its support for the players’ actions at the time.

According to GloboEsporte, the auditor-rapporteur Joana Prado also requested the presence, president of Madureira, Elias Duba, for a statement. The nine people were summoned to present themselves in person on May 7 at the Court of Sports Justice.

The complete list:

  • Mirinho, president of Macaé
  • Elias Duba, president of Madureira
  • Ricardo, goalkeeper of Macaé
  • Wanderson Ferreira, Dante, former Macaé defender
  • Rossales, former Macaé right-back
  • Álvaro, former defender of Macaé
  • Patrick, ex-left-back from Macaé
  • Luciano Lamoglia, former Macaé coach
  • Carlos Alberto Jos Ferreira, football manager at Macaé

The calls were based on data from the report produced by the company that monitors the betting market for the Campeonato Carioca, Sportradar. The organization has international recognition, being a partner of hundreds of competitions and entities.

Sportradar helps to combat cases of match-fixing and other attempts to threaten sporting integrity. In addition, the definition of specific regulations for this sector in the national territory tends to inhibit this type of practice and protect sports.

Developments of the case involving Macaé and Madureira

Auditor-rapporteur Joana Prado believes she will be able to take the case to the judging panel soon. “It is important to listen to all parties, as this is a very serious issue,” he declared in an interview with GloboEsporte.

Two players summoned to testify, goalkeeper Ricardo Luiz and defender Wanderson, who played for Macaé, in the Carioca Championship, publicly told GE that they had no involvement with the alleged scheme.