Antoine Griezmann has been appointed as the new Brand Ambassador of Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) – France’s state-funded betting operator for horse racing.

In January of this year, PMU launched its new national advertising campaign “Question du Jour”, with the French player making his presence felt.

The campaign sees the betting brand return to French TV screens after an absence of nearly two years as French horse races were held to limited spectator capacity, complying with national COVID-19 restrictions.

During 2019, the joint shareholders of France Gallop and Le Trot Francais approved for PMU’s new executive leadership team the implementation of a “revitalization program” for French racing led by PMU Director General Cyril Linette.

The revitalization program would focus on a revamp of the PMU’s “Quinte+Poscinas de Corrida” product, a revision of the French racing schedule, and dedicated nationwide advertising campaigns to re-engage the general public with the French racing products of the operator.

The initial success of Linette’s transformation strategy saw PMU record successive quarters of growth for French racing betting. However, the PMU strategy would be interrupted by the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic circumstances that impacted all French pro-sports events.

Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet, Deputy Managing Director of the PMU, said: “The PMU is committed to a strategy to relaunch horse racing betting in France that is bearing fruit and whose transmission is a powerful lever.”

“In this context, the ‘Question du Jour’ will not only attract current runners, but will also help inspire other bettors to discover horse racing betting. The ‘Question du Jour’ offers our bettors an innovative and fun bet, centered on in their passion and that they can converse with those around them easily and with enthusiasm”, concludes Emmanuelle.