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We are pleased to announce a close collaboration between Novusbet, a leading provider of fully managed sports betting, and iGaming Brazil, a leading gaming news and information website.

This union reinforces our mutual commitment to boosting the gambling ecosystem in Brazil – a market that has been in the spotlight following the legalization of sports betting and online gaming through Law 14,790.

Operators around the world will see Novusbet’s live and interactive content highlighted on the iGaming Brazil portal.


Additionally, by providing valuable insights into local market trends, regulatory changes and player preferences, iGaming Brazil allows Novusbet to refine its innovative betting solutions to more effectively serve the Brazilian public and increase operator revenue.

Popular features for this market include Bore Draw, 2 Goal Lead, Boosted Odds and Novusbet’s exclusive tournaments.

“Together, our goal is to equip businesses with the knowledge, technology and tools they need to succeed in the Brazilian market, including the most advanced, customizable and efficient betting solutions,” says Simone Suppa, managing director at Novusbet.

So, in collaboration, iGaming Brazil and Novusbet are prepared to expand their reach. This is because the objective is to introduce innovative and personalized betting solutions to a wide audience of operators in Brazil, Europe and Latin America.

“There is no better way to showcase our pioneering services in Brazil than with them. Highlighting our exceptional technology, such as the NovusCore mobile platform. This innovative technology, which is now an integral part of the operations of 90% of our customers”, adds Simone Suppa , managing director of Novusbet.

“It revolutionizes front-end flexibility by offering operators eleven unique visualization options without the need for in-depth development knowledge. Therefore, this affordable customization helps establish a distinct market presence and drive user engagement” , he adds.

About iGaming Brazil

The iGaming Brazil portal has established itself as the quintessential source of information about the gambling sector, including physical casinos, sports betting, lotteries, online casinos and much more.

Specifically adapted for Brazilian, European and Latin American businesspeople, the portal offers a wide variety of information, with the support of international correspondents and presence at the main global events.

In recognition of its excellence, iGaming Brazil was awarded the prestigious award for Best Media Company in the Sector in 2023.

About Novusbet

Novusbet Sportsbook is the most powerful, economical and reliable betting solution on the market. Therefore, Turnkey solutions help customers build their own businesses by providing a full range of services that are highly competitive in the market.

A strong team combined with the latest technology offers seamless and adaptable solutions to every new and running business.