Apostas Online na França
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The French online gambling regulator, Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), is taking measures to ensure legal compliance and consumer protection.

Therefore, after a review, the ANJ ordered operators to review their customers’ terms and conditions, removing illegal or ambiguous clauses.

This comes after a series of complaints from players about the validity of clauses in the terms they were asked to agree to.

ANJ will carry out stricter supervision of online betting

The ANJ emphasized that the general clauses of the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of online gambling customers should not unfairly limit the operator’s liability or restrict customers’ right to compensation.

Additionally, operators may not:

  • Restrict the forms of proof available to customers
  • Limit claim periods
  • Unfairly reducing payments

Therefore, to ensure fairness and transparency, the ANJ stated that more rigorous monitoring of operators’ terms and conditions will be necessary. This aims to address concerns relating to legal jurisdiction, evidence, claim deadlines and payments.

In any case, the ANJ also announced its strategic plan for 2024-26, focused on reducing excessive gambling and protecting minors.

The plan will involve four pillars:

  • Dramatically reduce the proportion and number of excessive players
  • Ensure transparency and integrity
  • Strengthen the economic dimension of regulation to better understand market equilibria
  • Provide solutions for current changes

Recently, the ANJ issued a warning about illegal gambling sites that use the brands of operators licensed on Facebook.

Therefore, ANJ is working with Facebook to combat this practice, resulting in the suspension of 137 accounts on the social network and the reporting of 400 website URLs to the parent company Meta.