Créditos: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras/by Canon

With the semi-final of the Campeonato Paulista imminent, bookmakers are buzzing, pointing to an electrifying clash between Palmeiras and Novorizontino.

The platforms are unanimous in their projection, indicating Palmeiras as the favorite against Novorizontino, while Santos has already secured itself in the grand final after beating Red Bull Bragantino at the Neo Química Arena.

This Thursday (28), at 9:35 pm, Allianz Parque will be the stage for this decisive clash. Thus, Palmeiras, who were unable to use their stadium in recent matches due to repairs to the pitch, return to their home ground after two months.

Under the command of Abel Ferreira, Alviverde boasts a remarkable unbeaten record in the tournament, thus standing out as the team with the best offensive performance, with 25 goals, and the most solid defense, having conceded only 10 goals so far.

Season Summary: Palmeiras

  • Supercup Brazil: 1 game, 1 draw.
  • Campeonato Paulista: 13 games, 9 wins, 4 draws, 0 losses.

On the other hand, Novorizontino emerges as a surprising force in this championship. After securing fifth place in the initial phase, the team from the interior of São Paulo managed to eliminate São Paulo in the quarter-finals, in a memorable clash in front of more than 55 thousand fans at Morumbi.

Therefore, the team from the interior seeks to repeat the feat of 1990, when they reached the final of the state championship. Novorizontino faces the challenge of surprising undefeated Palmeiras on their own territory.

Season Summary: Novorizontino

  • Campeonato Paulista: 13 games, 6 wins, 5 draws, 2 losses.

Palmeiras x Novorizontino and odds from bookmakers

For the long-awaited clash, betting platforms present their odds, all converging towards Palmeiras’ favoritism:

  • Bet7k: Palmeiras 1.35 x Novorizontino 8.20
  • Casa de Apostas: Palmeiras 1.33 x Novorizontino 8.15
  • Esportes da Sorte: Palmeiras 1.36 x Novorizontino 9.18
  • Palmeiras 1.35 x Novorizontino 8.50
  • Reals: Palmeiras 1.40 x Novorizontino 7.75
  • Onabet: Palmeiras 1.40 x Novorizontino 7.75
  • Odds & Scouts: Palmeiras 1.35 x Novorizontino 8.50

With high expectations and high spirits, fans eagerly await a clash that promises to go down in Paulistão history.

Palmeiras seeks to consolidate its supremacy, while Novorizontino aims to write a new chapter of glory in its trajectory in São Paulo football.