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Thomas Carvalhaes is a professional with extensive experience in the online betting market and currently works as senior sales manager at GR8 Tech.

In a video published on the company’s YouTube channel, the professional presented his perceptions about the future of iGaming, especially in Latin America.

Carvalhaes gives his opinion on what should happen in the iGaming market in 2024, addressing betting regulation in Brazil, eSports, artificial intelligence among other topics.

AI, eSports and regulation in the spotlight

According to Thomas Carvalhaes, there are several trends that are likely to gain prominence in iGaming. Such as:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): “I observe that more and more products based on AI or reactive intelligence are gaining prominence in various industries. In iGaming, it is essential that we are aware of this trend and explore its applications.”

Regulation in Brazil: “We are eager to see this scenario consolidate. The significant progress already achieved gives us hope that license requests will soon be effectively processed.”

eSports: “Another point that I see gaining relevance in iGaming is the growth of interest in eSports, especially in emerging markets such as Brazil and Latin America. Therefore, it is crucial that we monitor this segment closely and dedicate more resources to it.”

Thomas Carvalhaes points out what should lose relevance in the market

For Carvalhes, one of the issues that needs to be addressed is irresponsible marketing. “Unfortunately, we have faced issues arising from poor marketing practices, with influencers promoting online games or sweepstakes games as guaranteed investments. It is critical to eradicate this conduct.

By effectively implementing regulation in Brazil, we hope to eliminate these harmful practices and promote a healthier market environment.”

Watch the video in full:

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