Foto: reprodução/ Banese

In the plenary session on Tuesday, 26th, the Legislative Assembly of Sergipe (Alese) unanimously approved Bill (PL) No. 77/2023, granting Banese authorization to organize and operate lotteries on behalf of the State.

Banese, located in the state of Sergipe, will receive this authorization, marking a step forward in the diversification of its activities. Proposed by the State Government, the project aims to raise funds for culture, environment, inclusion and social assistance.

The new legislation not only gives Banese the administration of state lotteries, but also establishes structures for monitoring these services.

The Sergipe Public Services Regulatory Agency (Agrese) will supervise this inspection, ensuring transparency and compliance with legislation.

In addition to the approval of PL nº 77/2023, Alese also approved Complementary Bill nº 09/2024.

The proposal increases the maximum percentage of consignment of active and inactive public servants to 45%. And, it allows the use of up to 5% of the consignable margin via a consigned credit card.

The measure also equates the ceiling on the consignment margin for state employees to the federal one, providing them with greater financial flexibility.

Details of the Bill and Concession to Banese

In October 2021, Law No. 8,902 allowed the State Executive Branch to provide, directly or under concession or permission, the public lottery service in the state.

The new text approved by Alese authorizes Banese to operate the service, in addition to providing other measures.

To implement the lottery, the PL determines that the bank may choose to create a subsidiary, a holding company, or participate in a corporate structure to explore such services.

Therefore, the supervision of these new services will be the responsibility of the Public Services Regulatory Agency of the State of Sergipe (Agrese).