Apostador de Nova Jersey, ganha sozinho o prêmio de R$ 5,4 bilhões na Mega Millions

A lucky player from Bayonne, New Jersey, in the United States, took home the incredible prize of R$5.4 billion from the American Mega Millions lottery, last Tuesday night (26).

This feat marks the 8th largest prize ever recorded in the history of American lotteries. The winner’s name has not yet been publicly revealed.

The numbers that guaranteed this fortune were: 07, 11, 22, 29, 38 and 04.

Unlike Brazilian lotteries, Mega Millions offers two options for receiving the prize. The first alternative allows you to receive the full amount, paying it in annual installments for the next 30 years.

However, if the winner prefers to receive the amount in cash, he will receive a prize less than the total amount.

Numbers drawn for the prize held on March 26th — Photo: Reproduction / Youtube

Details of the R$5.4 billion Mega Millions Prize

The winner of the last draw will only be entitled to the full prize of R$5.4 billion if they choose to pay in installments over 30 years. However, if you prefer to receive the amount in cash, you will pocket approximately R$2.67 billion.

It is important to highlight that Mega Millions is available in 45 American states, in addition to the capital Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

If the lucky winner wishes to keep their fortune secret and remain anonymous, they have that option, as New Jersey is one of 16 states where winners have the option of preserving their identity.

These conditions offered by Mega Millions provide winners with significant flexibility in managing their newly acquired fortune. The winner, whoever they are, now has the opportunity to decide how they want to make the most of this incredible sum of money.

Legality and awards

It is important to highlight that participating in Mega Millions while in Brazil is completely legal.

North American legislation allows foreigners to participate in lotteries, and those who purchase tickets through online platforms are authorized to redeem prizes, just like a tourist who buys a ticket in a physical store in the United States.