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A recent survey carried out by Opinion Box, at the request of Aposta Legal Brasil, reveals a worrying scenario in the world of betting in Brazil.

Although the practice of betting is increasingly present in the lives of Brazilians, a significant portion do not adopt prudent responsible gambling measures.

According to the study, only 43% of respondents seek to use safe and reliable platforms when betting, highlighting a worrying gap in terms of financial and personal security.

Furthermore, the data shows that only 42% of bettors establish a specific budget for their gambling activities, and a mere 20% limit the daily time spent on this practice.

These numbers reveal a lack of awareness about the importance of financial control and managing the time dedicated to gambling.

Another alarming aspect revealed by the survey is the low interest of bettors in finding out about gaming legislation and regulations: only 14% of those interviewed showed interest in understanding the laws that govern the betting market in the country.

Despite these worrying statistics, it is reassuring to note that 67% of respondents said they considered themselves responsible when betting.

However, it is crucial to highlight the need for a continued effort to promote awareness and adoption of healthy gambling practices.

The emotional side of betting

The survey also sheds light on feelings among Brazilian gamblers. Worry (64%), insecurity (62%) and anxiety (60%) dominate the emotional landscape of players.

Although joy (50%) and courage (52%) are also reported, it is alarming to note that negative feelings such as lack of guilt (56%) are present in a significant portion of participants.

The emotional and mental health of bettors is also a concern highlighted in the study, with 6 in 10 participants reporting taking care of these aspects.

However, satisfaction with the financial situation is low, with only 29% of respondents expressing contentment in this aspect.

Almost 80% of respondents admitted to having experienced challenging gambling-related situations, such as excessive anxiety (29%) and financial loss beyond what was planned (24%).

This data highlights the urgent need to promote responsible gaming practices and ensure player well-being.

Responsible gaming and betting

Given these findings, it becomes clear that there is a pressing need to promote awareness about responsible gaming in Brazil.

Education about safe betting practices, along with ongoing support for players, are essential to mitigating the risks associated with this activity.

It is imperative that betting companies take responsibility for offering adequate support to players by implementing measures that encourage the adoption of healthy gambling habits.


The survey included 1,067 individuals who have placed or plan to place an online bet in the last 12 months.

The group collected data through online interviews between December 26, 2023 and January 11, 2024. Still, with a margin of error of 3 p.p. and a confidence level of 95%.

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